Do you think with a accent?


Time Lord
One thing i fnd myself doing from time to is thinking for long periods on semi important topics. Nothing life altering just fun idea to toss around and explor.

Either way I've found that when I get into this mood and thought process I change the way I think. While a usualy have a slow a deliberate movement in my thoughts, when I think as a form of entertainment I become very quick in my wit and my there is a change in my mental dialect.

There is infact almost a rhythm to my thoughts, which I continualy bounce off one another to keep them moving, very rarely is there a pause.

My thoughts on this are that because of my recent facinationwith Shakespear that my mind has started to make my thinking mirror his writting.

It becomes even more clear when I actualy speak my thoughts aloud while in this mood, I actualy adopt a semi-elizibeathen accent and speak in rhythms. I talked to myself in the mirror and found myself so far different, so much more extroverted then my normal posture and body language would be that if I had not had my own face I would not have recognized myself. It seems that I have not only an accent to my thoughts but maybe even a seperate personality.

comments, similarities, freaky mirror stories?
Yeah, inner speech may sound quite different from our normal accent. interesting stuff.
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yes...I find myself changing it up too when im bored...
the two normal voices are me.

Bored and I take on the random arguments with me, my old boss, and a co-worker.
Only we could make an argument over sandwiches into a skit.

Edit: I'm not crazy I just need boxes and voices fit
My inner voice is ghetto ebonics. I used to be hella ghetto and talk ebonics and then I changed because I didnt like sounding stupid. Sometimes if i'm not aware I start talkin ghetto again or sometimes when i'm drunk it comes out but it's subtle.
Well, to be honest, I have a host of different personas that personify positions within my imagination. Basically, my imagination is filled with stereotypes (archetypes?) that my subconscious pulls from as I test out ideas. Angelic voices, calm rational voices, former colleagues and bosses, etc.

In the real world, my family has been known to debate entire political issues in various poorly performed accents.
Nope, I don't have an accent when I think. In fact, I'm not sure I can characterize my thoughts as having any sort of 'voice' at all. I mean, I think in words, but they don't have any character, or gender, for that matter. Let alone an accent.

But I do know that when I'm writing something, when I read it back to myself, I sometimes feel like I've written it in the Queen's English. Heehee.
I'm jealous of both of you. I'd love a Japanese voice, although about the only sentence I know in Japanese is "bicycles give me hemmoroids'. Still, I'd love to have more eastern ways of thinking.

I'd also like to think without voice, as it is much faster, or so I've been able to determine from experiments I've done with friends. I guess I can think that way, but not in a predominant way.
After I watched Braveheart for the first time I swear my thinking accent was in Scottish for the rest of the day. No joke.

My tendencies are definitely to emulate what voice I've heard or what behavior I've seen/read. To the point that I will unintentionally copy the mode of writing or speech of those I'm with if I'm with them long enough.

One great example of this was when I first saw the movie "A Clockwork Orange", the lead character's voice was my inner voice for 2 days and I even changed my thinking pattern to be like the way he talks. No choice over it either, it just happened and I went with it. It was super fun.
Yep. DoveAlexa, this same exact thing happens to me.