Do you feel more comfortable in wide open spaces or narrow, close spaces? | INFJ Forum

Do you feel more comfortable in wide open spaces or narrow, close spaces?


Sep 5, 2009
Do you feel more comfortable in wide open spaces or close, narrow spaces?

Does your preference have any effect on your mood or comfort?
Wide open spaces give me the willies.

I prefer small enclosed spaces. I guess I feel safer physically, so mentally I feel more stable?
That is hard to answer for me... Well, when I'm freaked out or in a big room I naturally head into a corner. But on the other hand, I need to be able to get up and walk around a bit and have room to stand on my toes and reach my arms up and jump... full range of body movements in any direction. So an 8x8x8 cube would be excellent.
Small closed in dark spaces are more confortable for me.
don't comfortable being in wide open spaces for long periods of time either. i like reasonably medium sized spaces or smaller, cozy spaces.
If it is in nature I feel empowered. I've been to the plains of Texas and wrapped up in undergrowth so thick it felt like the forest was giving me a great big ole hug.

Man made areas tend to feel very alien to me. Stadiums make me woozy, I get claustrophobic in crawl spaces in houses. I have gone on a cave crawl through Cathedral Caverns and felt just fine. That place is huge when you go into the beginning sections but once you get into the wild areas it has some pretty tight squeezes.
No preference so long as I chose to be in the position.
Small, enclosed spaces seem snuggly and appealing to me. Wide open spaces seem refreshing and mentaly un-cluttering.

What I cannot stand is close physical proximity to people. Small spaces, such as cars filled with people give me the creeps and large spaces filled with people are as close to hell as I can imagine.
What matters most are the physical properties of the space and how it is decorated but I prefer wide-open (i.e. spacious) cozy spaces, preferably ones that are airy and well-lit (sun lit). The effect on my mood is significant.
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wide, open, preferably sun-lit areas. With both access to air conditioner and fresh air I can choose at will.

Small, close spaces gives me a false sense of security, one that would be messy once breached.
I prefer wide open spaces. Preferably surrounded by a gorgeous landscape full of life, colour and light, with a light breeze playing with my hair and wonderful smells bringing about an experience of dream-like quality.

I love feeling the freedom and that there are no visible "threats" of pressure out to get me.

Now, for my home, I'd like a nice little warm and cozy place to call my castle. *dreams*
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Typically, small, closed spaces, but every now and then my adventurous side comes out and I long for wide open spaces (now that Dixie Chicks song is in my head...).
I like close spaces. And I've never been able to understand why anyone would want to live in a mansion or have a bedroom the size of a ballroom.

The Dixie Chicks song is also stuck in my head.
The Dixie Chicks song is also stuck in my head.

Ditto. Happened right when I saw the title. I hope it goes away soon...

I like wide open spaces though, so long as it's nature. Forests are awesome. Closed spaces are fine, so long as they aren't packed with people. I think I'm slightly claustrophobic so I'd never do spelunking where you have to crawl into tight spaces.