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Do you feel less or more attractive with age?


Sep 5, 2009
Do you feel you gain or lose any sense of feeling attractive to others as you get older? Do you think your sense of self today compared to earlier in your life makes you feel differently about level of attractiveness or appeal to others? Do you see a change in how others respond to you as a potential interest as you get older?
More in some ways and less in others. In my 20s I was in great physical shape and had lots of hair and no wrinkles lol, but emotionally/psychologically I was a complete mess so it cancelled all that good stuff out.

Now I'm a lot more sure of who I am and what I'm about. So despite the dad-bod and lack of coiffure I'm probably more attractive in a lot of important ways.
Firstly we are our own worst critic. The things we dislike about ourselves aren't things others would notice or care about. That being said I'm easily more comfortable in my skin now than when I was in my twenties. Then I worried over everything, whereas now I still have concerns yet I'm not a jumbled up ball of anxiety thinking that everything will go wrong. I'm also a lot less shy, which did take a lot of effort on my part.
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More. Granted I'm going off of my teens, early 20s and late 20s. I've found it to be something to work at.

Physically I have had the mixed fortunes of working a manual labor job for a couple years and have arms my current girlfriend's parents commented on. So be attractive; don't be unattractive. A little exercise goes far.

Mentally be sharp. I love video games but I have other passions. I built my own computer and my girlfriend was blown away as I had never done it before. I maintain my own truck that, "has been run into the ground" but still keeps on running courtesy of me.

Emotional maturity was super difficult in my opinion. To me it took learning from mistakes and what I really want in a partner. I would say the biggest is just not caring whether I'm with someone or not. Not to say I don't care about my girlfriend, I do quite a bit, but that when single I was ok with being single and was pursuing girls as I pleased instead of out of desperation.
I think I was "most attractive" in my mid 30s and early 40s. I'm in my late 40s, and there are a few non-age related factors that I think make me less attractive.
I notice differences due to age, but it isn't that dramatic yet.
I wouldn't say that I've ever been considered conventionally attractive, but as I have aged, I have become more confident and accepting of who I am.
Agree with those who said, how you feel vs. how others see you may be different. I don't think I'm seen as attractive as I'd like to be (not asking for anyone to say I am :D), but I am more comfortable with who I am as someone else said. I don't look to others as much as I once did to decide how I should feel about myself. I've learned to be happier with myself not being in a relationship. i used to define myself entirely by whether I was attractive to others. Now I don't. Took me a long time to get to this point. And I can give of myself without needing anything from others, which was a huge change for me. Now, does this mean others are more or less attracted to me? Don't think so. Not sure. Wouldn't know really.

I sometimes still mistake people just being nice for being interested. I suck at telling whether someone is genuinely interested. I think I am more noticeable when I don't seek out attention. Not sure how that works though. :D In the past, I rarely got attention when I sought it out. Now, when I don't, it seems there is interest here and there, but I don't take it too seriously anymore. I don't expect the attention. I pretty much fly below radar, and hope no one notices. *ducks flying plane* But just the fact that I don't need someone to find me attractive to feel good about myself changed everything. If someone finds that quality attractive, then I'll appreciate it. :)
i dont want to sound conceited or narcissist but.. i think i am more attractive now because of the emotional and mental stability. as i have aged, i do not feel the need for validation from other people because i am capable of it myself. and as a result i give off that warm and friendly vibe :) so yeah. lol.
With me, I feel like it's more about potential. The older I get...the clearer my own thoughts and understanding become. So it's almost like it's a different kind of potentially predominant attractiveness. Because to me...watching someone else untangle the labyrinth in front of them, walk through it and then concur it with experience, can be a beautiful thing. Or it can be equally as attractive to get yourself to the end of the maze, just to discover that someone else is exiting their own, at the same exact time, and at the same exact place as you (and ready to start anew).

As it is with many all depends. :D
Do you feel you gain or lose any sense of feeling attractive to others as you get older? Do you think your sense of self today compared to earlier in your life makes you feel differently about level of attractiveness or appeal to others? Do you see a change in how others respond to you as a potential interest as you get older?

Life is much less complicated now. My physical appearance doesn't match that of others following current trends, nor do I feel it needs to.

As an example, I used to color my hair a shade lighter, and have high and low lights put into it. Now it's dyed almost the same as my own natural shade and my natural gray/white highlights are starting to appear. Instead of being upset because of my gray showing, I embraced it, and accept that's the way it's headed (pun intended :p). Others tell me it looks "witchy", I told them lock up their children, lol

I've found others are atracted to me more these days because I'm more confident. They claim confidence is sexy ... especially these gentlemen that are 15-20 years younger than me. Which is a turnoff to me really ... flattering, but not my gig. :D
I wish I could say I will be one of those women who will age gracefully, but I am not sure.
I have already begun reading up on all kinds of anti-aging beauty routines, preparing myself for a lifestyle of active self-preservation.
It is not admirable, I know. But I am afraid of the changes my body will go through despite of me approving or not.

As far as personality, I think I am aging very well and becoming more and more wise with time. able to control my emotions and temper.
I've gotten more attractive as I've aged, but I put effort into my appearance such as eating healthy, exercising and having a sense of style + maintenance.
A bit late to the thread but -- I think I feel more attractive as I get older. I'm only 25 (in 2 weeks) though so still have a lot of aging to do, hopefully. I think as I get older I care less about others opinions which probably helps as well.
i feel more attractive now that i understand the true elements of what beauty really is. when we are you we are fixated on our physical attributes overlooking the person within or ignoring thoughts because we are busy looking at excuse my bluntness size of our boobs or behinds. but to actually look in the mirror at myself now versus they 16 year old or 25 year old me i see so much more beauty in what i bring to the world. my heart, intent and longing to make each day count and make someone smile shows outward in my eye connection, my smile and kindness and to me that attraction is far more brought out with age and its just getting better in time!