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  1. Rycka

    [INFJ] To date or not to date?

    Hello guys! Background: I have a tricky situation on my side. When I was younger, I found a friend who I could consider to be a Playboy. He's an ENFP, I'm INFJ and from him I have learned how to talk and deal with women. I have had quite a few girls on my side, but never girls with whom I'd...
  2. Asa

    Silver Linings (40+)

    Welcome, Let's create a thread that focuses on what it is like to be an adult, mature, or 'older' INFJ. We can discuss MBTI, Jung, brain and personality development, how our introversion changes with years, perspectives that come with life experience, careers, and our personal experiences of...
  3. Gaze

    Do you feel less or more attractive with age?

    Do you feel you gain or lose any sense of feeling attractive to others as you get older? Do you think your sense of self today compared to earlier in your life makes you feel differently about level of attractiveness or appeal to others? Do you see a change in how others respond to you as a...
  4. Gaze

    Bodily changes as you get older

    Have you experienced expected or unexpected changes to your body or how you feel as you get older? Any surprises or unusual changes? Did it affect you or did you make any changes to your life as a result? Changes can be slight or huge. This is not restricted to a particular age. Anyone can...
  5. Scientia

    Why do younger men seek older women?

    I have discussed this topic here in the past ad nauseum and yesterday I was again reminded that very few men my age look at me with interest. I know that I look younger, about 10 years or so is my guess, but I have been wondering what these guys in their late 20s and early 30s are looking for...
  6. flower

    How Old Do I Look? I got 17, lol. :) Real age is 21.
  7. Scientia

    Your age vs. others' perception of your age

    I am curious. Do others regularly perceive you as younger or older? By how much? What do you think contributes to that perception?