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Your age vs. others' perception of your age


A true lady
Aug 28, 2014
I am curious. Do others regularly perceive you as younger or older? By how much? What do you think contributes to that perception?
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Online, people think I'm older 26-29. In real life, people think I'm younger...usually 19/20.
Up until I was about 26, I'd regularly get mistaken for being 20ish. I think it's because I used to be much more giggly/bubbly. More recently people seem to assume I'm mid-20s, which isn't that far off.
Younger. Probably 5 years, give or take.
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younger, maybe about 5-7 years younger, and frankly it's irritating. I have a slightly rounder, babyish face. I also think it's because I have a soft voice and I don't have an aggressive personality. I don't walk around as if I've been there done that, or know it all (which just looks ridiculous). Apparently, overconfidence is a sign of experience, and I don't self promote or compete. I pretty much do my thang. It's funny this still happens because I'm now at the age where I'm closer to 40 than 30. At this age, I have no desire to prove anything. So, when they use that patronizing tone where they think they need to school me in the ways of the world, I want to smack them upside the head. :D
Both for me, some people have thought I was 30 (that was online) IRL the oldest I've been perceived as is 25!
youngest was 16...
More commonly I get perceived as younger, like 20. Perhaps its my lack of immature zest for life.
People geuss my age right mostly. Maybe cause im not much of a octor. Get what you see i supose. I dontknow if the OP is a smcoker bur age looking difference is not really sora real thin.g.why would isay:p. I suppose some look oder and some like to look younger
I am perceived as much younger. People routinely mistake me for a student.
I don't feel my age ;~;

I'm told I look much younger than I really am. I contribute this to all of the baby's blood I drink.

It does wonders for the skin! :m024:
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My perceived age seems to vary.

Most recently, just a couple weeks ago, I was told by several people I know from Habitat for Humanity that they all assumed I was between 30 and 32. When I informed them that I just turned 27 this February, they were surprised. One of them suggested that the goatee makes me look more mature.

During my last semester of college, at age 22, several people said that they would not even think I was 18 yet if it were not for the goatee. (I first started growing it earlier that semester, as a bike accident required stitches on my chin and I couldn't shave the area for a couple months.)

People thought I looked a year or two older than my age when I was a college freshman though.

As a high school senior, people thought I looked a year or so younger than I was.

As a high school freshman, upperclassmen kept forgetting I was a freshman and said I seemed old enough to be at least a Junior if not a Senior already.
Whenever I go to a store and ask for something, I always get answered with a "you welcome...sweetie, honey, baby" ALL the cuddly names you can think of! I think its my cheeks that makes me look innocent.

So yeah they think I'm younger than 20! I was at my younger sister's 15th birthday party and her friends said they thought I was younger than her! I don't know whether to take it as an insult or a compliment. Beats me!

But I do get this sadistic satisfaction knowing that my youthful looks can fool people!:m081:
When I'm with a sibling, everyone thinks that I'm the eldest (I'm not).
15-17. From time to time though I do receive compliments that mentally I am the oldest of all the young ones in the area. Probably because I like hanging with the elderly. It hurts when people think that I am younger. The way I carry myself is far different from the young ones around me.