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Do you consider yourself intelligent?

Are you intelligent?

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  • I think so...

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  • No

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  • Uhhhhhhgh *drool*

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  • i liek cheese

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It's human psychology, we are comparative creatures. If we evolve/mutate then things could be different.
The group is only as strong as its weakest link :ml:
Society is more like a web than a chain and one line posts seriously contribute to the quality of the forum and should be continued as long as possible.

Crap, I think that was two lines... Now this makes three.
Newbs are supposed to write full page essays for each post. :mno:
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I think society is probably the greatest factor involved with how people act beyond their instinctual/natural being. I fully believe in developmental psychology, though there are factors determined by genetics, of course.
So generally, people are only as weak as their society is. Although I don't think society could be modeled simply; it's a very complex structure...
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By which do you judge intelligence?

By which universal law do you judge as progression?

I see myself as I am and what I am is nothing and everything.
By which do you judge intelligence?

By which universal law do you judge as progression?

I see myself as I am and what I am is nothing and everything.

Got to say I agree with you here and see it the same way which is why I said no. I believe there are too many ways to judge intelligence to say one person is and another isn't.
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Not really. I know I'm not an idiot but I don't consider myself particularly bright which is funny because most people who know me would say I am. Unless its a subject I struggle with in which case they wont say I'm an idiot but...

anyway to answer the question no not in general but maybe in certain subjects and compared to some people.
On a good day:


On a bad day:

I consider myself to be both wise and naive.I live in both states. I think wisdom comes from the heart. Intelligence is a head thing. And no.I don't think I'm overly intelligent.
I'd say I'm adequately intelligent. The older I get the more astounded I am of all the things I do not yet know. I feel that I could spend all my time studying and still only be scratching the surface.

I agree with the other posts that there are many types of intelligence and being incredibly intelligent in one area does not necessarily transfer into other areas.
um....well, yes.....but I'm just gonna leave it at that.:smile:
I may be intelligent, but it doesn't mean I'm smart.