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Do you always act on your cognitive preferences?


Sep 5, 2009
I notice that there's a tendency in the interpretation of the MBTI to assume that we act according to our cognitive preferences, when in many cases we don't. I may have a preference for J, but yet conduct myself as more P depending on the context and situation I'm in. How I think is very different from the actions I display, so I think cognitive preferences should not be considered absolute descriptors of our actions or behavior.
no i don't. it varies greatly depending on what's going on, who's involved, what i'm feeling, what's happened before, etc. i'm an INTP, but i don't always act like one. when i'm painting, it's like i completely forget everything and become S, when i'm at work or school, i'm a "J" out of necessity, because i wouldn't survive otherwise! and just yesterday when contrasted to a very strong INTJ i know irl, i realize how weak my "T" function actually is.. how easily i'm hurt, how much i care about others' feelings. i think my self image conflicts with my actions at those times.. which can be somewhat stressful
I have noticed that when I have a clash of opinions or a deepened misunderstanding with Js, I tend to go slightly to the P side. The more they insist on completing the task, no matter how much I want it to be completed too, I start sabotaging it by procrastination and insisting on honoring the process rather then solution. But this occurs only with those to the core stubborn people who won't give up on their ways or compromise in any way.

To this day, I've got no idea why I do this. Maybe because I get that I will annoy them the most by confronting them that way, who knows. :D
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If I really fully indulged my cognitive functions I would be a hippy/beach bum playing and doing art all day.
I like to think of my infj-ness as sort of an inner being. On the outside I am always changing and operating in different ways, but deep down there is this creature in a constant infj state.
I am an INTP to the core but if I get really engrossed in a subject I tend to protest a J side. I become organized and extremely motivated. Deadlines are met and my final project is pristine. However, this is not who I am. I cannot keep the charade up for long. Eventually a small detail will catch my eye and I'll become preoccupied with it. I even get agitated with myself if I try to stick to the project at hand.
I dunno, I tend to feel like I'm a is that infj transition between anakin skywalker and darth vader. My actions vary, but its all along the lines of being a balanced infj or a really out of whack one.:m133:
no, not really. Sometimes I feel too S. >_>;