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Do we need Westboro Baptist Church?


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Apr 5, 2010
They're a fantastic punching bag for the media. They're about as dark in their interpersonal relationships as it's possible to get. Their history is sordid at best and they are now an ingrained part of mass media. They are held up as an image of everything that's wrong with religion.

Westboro Baptist Church. God Hates Fags. God Hates Soldiers.

We know all the names. Fred Phelps' fiery, maddened, eyes decorate television and websites all over our information culture.

They exist as a black psychological sink-hole demonstrating just how greatly it is possible to fall into fanaticism and how blind men can be.

So, here is my question.

Do they benefit us?

I've been looking at the idea for a while of getting a tangible benefit from their stunning displays of bigotry. I think I've found one.

I was watching a video of one of their protests just a few days ago and there were literally hundreds of people watching them protest in one of the deepest conservative hells of the south. They were shouting slogans back at the sign holders, laughing at them. They were donating money to a local LGBT group that was holding a fundraiser at the protest.

I want to know your thoughts on this and on how we might actually want to have characters like this loud and in public, benefiting from free-speech to shout at the top of their lungs. Keep in mind. Conservatives always lose.
Advocates for free speech come in all shapes and colors. I don't agree with what they say, but I'm more than prepared to die to protect their right to say it.
I'm with Satya on this one, freedom of speech all the way!

plus, if they're acting as a negative example for conservatives, causing even them to be pro-LGBT simply to be anti-WBC, I'll take it.

HEY! What if Fred Phelps was actually a social psych genius who got his family to become who they are today to promote LGBT rights???? and its working???


ETA: could I get that video?
I can see your point of view as to why we might "need them". They make the people who oppose them get up off of their asses and do something about it. People donate to the causes they picket, and even counter picket (as I will be doing May 22nd in Itawamba, Mississippi). They infuriate people and keep certain topics fresh. So, I suppose in a way they cause us to band together and raise moral. In that way maybe we do need people like them. This does not change the fact that I have absolutely no respect for them. They have the right to say whatever they wish, but I find what they do to be absolutely disgusting and at some points incredibly disturbing. Maybe we do need them, but I wish we didn't. I certainly don't want them around.
They are an hour's drive away from me. I actually get giddy thinking that I live so close to the world's biggest bigot. It's the potential for an amazingly fun weekend. Plans I can make but save for when the time is right or the week which was just exceptionally crappy.

He (Fred Phelps) is a big deal around Topeka. They protect his right to free speech but have punished Phelps on occasion (removal of lawyer license, etc). People will vandalize the outside of their chuch constantly. In fact so many people around K-State will mention wanting to murder the Phelps clan, even the ones I've asked who otherwise hate anything about gay rights. Their reasons are either because of their protesting veteran's funerals or surprisingly a few have told me that no one deserves that level of douchery. Beyond all the joking the guy is still alive and no one (that I'm aware of) has actually tried to kill any of the Phelps'.

They do get raw emotions stirred up. I've just lost all my hatred for this group at this point. Their message is known by everyone and it doesn't change. Other groups that persuade people with cold, withheld logic to go against gay rights is what really gets my ire. They have the potential to reach out and appeal to people. Whereas WBC is nothing but pure unadulterated hatred. It's like the fanatical ultra-conservative's poison. It's the venomous sting they wish they could use but hate it because of it's dishonorable means.
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I really don't think they're dangerous in the least bit. They're bigots, and their insanity destroys any hope of support for their platform. Almost everyone sees them for what they are, and they have no real voice in any matter. Like Daeledin, groups that actually appeal to people with things such as hateful "logic" are far more dangerous.
Nuke it from orbit
[ame=""]YouTube- Epic Win! Student uses Westboro Baptist Church visit as Fundraiser![/ame]