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Do kids change you?

Do you parents agree with that idea? Did having kids change who you were? Did it make you feel less like a kid yourself and more like an adult? QUOTE]

Not at all! My kids are what keep me young! I can see how some people become all serious and forget to have fun, but you can enjoy your children and enjoy playing with them and still be a loving and firm parent. I think INFJs especially have close bonds with our children (for the most part). Having kids also inspires me to remember to enjoy my life as well... doing things that make me happy, not just work, work, work.
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If you think you know and you do not have kids you really don't know. Please don't take offense. But you don't know. You won't know until your holding your own bundle of joy. I think that if you never have a kid you will be different from those that do. And your entire life experience will be vastly different from a person with kids. The single person will never have a family or know what that feels like. He will have zero understanding of what it took to raise him. He will only know is own childish thoughts but not know the thoughts of an adult that had a child. It's a trade off I think. There are lot's of trade offs in life.

True, and written with wisdom and experience.

Once again I don't think those feelings are exclusive and only reserved for a kid. You love them and you'll never leave them? You won't let them starve, and you'll give your life so they can live? I fucking feel that way about my cat.

You'd die for your cat? Really?

The OP asked if having children changes a person. It does, as many here have written. What's the big mystery? All a non-parent needs is a modicum of imagination. I'd expect an immature, unbalanced, smart-assed INTP to dispute this, but, no offense, I'm truly surprised that there are INFJ's here who don't seem to understand.