Describe the user above you game!


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The game is simple. Describe the user above you using the most creative/poetic language you can. Be clever! :m062:
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Beauty ever lasting till it dries and withers

The wind will carry her ashes away

I'll always remember her scent
The seer of souls.
There once was an ISFP
Who posted on forums all day
And crafted a theory, but upon further query,
Found he was INFJ.
That was superb but factually incorrect. :thumb:

<skip me>
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The way he rhymes off the top of head
Is so good it kills threads
But I will revive, what he caused to die
And take credit for it, something that rhymes.
An INFJ with developed Se
Tries to revive what was just killed by me,
But to no avail
For the thread still ails,
The wind gone from its sails.
Ruler of all that is fair and balenced. Quietly observing to right any injustice that may appear.
Wrestling with the black and white
Wanting colors in our sight
Satisfied that everyone is better
Someone seeking just a little bit more
but someone quite humble
Perchance a little too humble
to sail on to Amore`
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I refuse to interrupt this game, but feel it needs a nudge....
back to the top for another go at it.?
People could just be unconfortable with this concept, and besides, this wasnt sitting for that long.
You are the Rose from The Little Prince
Alone, afraid, beautiful, strong
Deep love, deep pain, deep pride
Wanting others to think the best of you
Fearing others will think poor of you
But a rose by another other name...
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Since the first light

Since the night faded in the day
Since the Dragon melt in the skies
Since the skies looked down in the Heart
You were there,
waiting for a moment to go down
and see
And experiment the beauty of the skies
For a moment you are in the skies
an another you are down in the earth!
From somewhere between the east and the west
Comes a soul in search of other like-souls
Exhorting others this soul is at best
Emitting energy at his bequest
Ice breaker, help to keep us atop
The thin ice of day where fearful souls stop
Break it when our ship needs sailing
Beacon of light to those bewailing