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Dating Rejection

I like doors opened for me, it's convenient. However I'm the fastest walker I know. Noone GETS to the door quicker than me.
I open doors for old people, cause 1. they take a long time open doors a lot of the time, and 2. they're quite grateful for it.

Seriously doing things for the elderly because they can appreciate it. You can also try being kind to woman with children with them, usually they have there hands full so a little kindness toward them goes a long way, and the gentle old guy, he always smiles and waves when an act of kindness is sent his way, and whats more he'll send one right back at you often times.

Notice I didn't say woman here, I haven't gone out of my way to open the door for a girl since I was in High School, simply cause they really don't need you to hold the door for them, I mean if your already there and she's right behind you hold it, but really I'd do that for anyone.
Hey please don't forget pregnant women. We are so out of breath when we get to the door it's nice when someone holds it. Bigger belly=less lung room.
I really don't run into many pregnant woman who aren't with people.
Unless he's mugging them. Then he doesn't hold doors open for them, as much as he's hanging over them with a katana.
If I was going to mug someone it would be someone who looked in more shape. I want a challenge. Of course I would get a couple of my friend to do it for me since I am small.

I don't think mugging people will help you date. I think it would be hard to date after that, but I could be wrong. Maybe that's how Shai gets all of his dates.
Stick to Chloroform fool, it's easier to obtain.
Dating makes me nervous. I've got no interest in the "normal" idea of dating, and I have issues getting with someone because most people don't understand how I do things...

Although I have to say, don't kill chivalry! I think a sweet-talking, hold-the-door-open kind of guy is still worth something in the world. Now, I'm not talking about doormats -- a backbone is definitely needed -- but there's nothing wrong with a guy that goes out of his way a little, especially in the self-centered world we live in today. A guy that can make me feel like a queen...well, that's a guy I wouldn't mind making sandwiches for and cleaning up after. What comes around goes around ;)

That's a personal opinion though; a lot of girls don't go for that anymore. I think it's charming~

Yeah but he can do better than me back then. I was a crazy little anarchist with dyed fire engine red hair who wanted to destroy everything and have lots of sex. My idea of a perfect date was debating, going to protest rallies, drinking coffee, making out and talking until the sun came up over takeout Chinese food. Yeah that was fun, but not romance city, but I don
Chivalry died with the Knights.
Wow Milon, way to be chivalrous. I honestly don't mind doors being held for me, but I don't want to be told I can't open my own door. It is more about convenience. Something about younger people, and I think Nickey touched on it, is younger people don't know what they want. It is exciting and fun, but if you are more mature then your peers you may have issues. I think university is a time to do school and enjoy yourself. The stress and excitement around you is going to cause tension. Also what kind of girls are you looking for because it has a lot to do with how to meet and talk your actions and eventually date. Do you want something steady, do you just want sex?

Big thing I have found and weird how it works is I announce to everyone I know I plan on being single and mean it. Within a week I have a date or five. Kinda irritating and I wish I knew what I was doing different so I could do it when I was looking, but ja.

I've noticed something similar about the single thing. Whenever I get really comfortable with being single, somone who wants to get serious barges into my life. It happened with my current partner 15 years ago and we're still together. I've thought about it, and the only thing that comes to mind is I'm happier and more independent when single; apparently these are attractive attributes to some people. I really am happier in a single state, but living with my partner is so much like being single, it's probably what makes it work.
Man, I dunno. I can put my two cents in, but my story is less encouraging. I think Milon has the right idea: Don't be a doormat but be encouraging and express what your hopes and dreams are - and that you're making strides in that direction. That's what usually engages me.

Problem is, those guys are usually taken, or not interested in me. Man. I'm glad I'm picky because I know I'll be happier in the long run, but sometimes I wish I were less picky. Or more of a makeup-wearing, high-heeled, primping pretty girl with a body that'd make a bodybuilder drop his barbells.

I'm glad I'm picky because I know I'll be happier in the long run, but sometimes I wish I were less picky. Or more of a makeup-wearing, high-heeled, primping pretty girl with a body that'd make a bodybuilder drop his barbells.


Makeup is very nice now and then, but it shouldn't be a permanent part of a girl's face. My $0.02.