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Is collecting part of the INFJ typology?

I read somewhere that holding on to almost anything you run across because it might be useful later is INFJ, and I definitely relate to that (it goes straight to being able to see multiple perspectives and possibilities), but that's a very indiscriminate way of collecting. I find I also have much deeper, organized, archival urges.

I've always liked collecting things, gathering sets together, as completely as I could. As a kid, just getting them together was satisfying, and I had collections of random things like souvenir decks of playing cards from places I'd been to and the airlines I'd been on to get there.

As an adult, my collecting has focused on one of my main interests (music), and I have found that I want to organize it to a much greater degree than I wanted to organize my early collections, to the point of wanting to create an extensive and detailed database. (I have yet to do so - I balk at the idea of how much time it would actually take to do it...)

And I'm not satisfied with the haphazard way "potentially useful items" come into the "potentially useful items" collection, when it comes to music. As much as I believe in the impermanence of physical objects and doubt the idea of "ownership" as a concept, I have a deep desire to collect and organize as much music as possible. (Ahh, if only I won the lottery...) In many ways I want to do it for myself, so that I can listen to, experience, and glean what I can from as much music I can manage to find the time to listen to. But I also want to do it for others, in the sense of amassing an archive or library of sorts that other people might benefit from and would even survive past my death.

And I feel that, were I tasked with creating an archive or library of something other than music, I would do a really good job at it, and thoroughly enjoy it.

Do any of you have an interest you feel that way about? Something that you actively want to collect and organize, for yourself or for the purpose of passing on?

Or izzat just me?

It occurred to me it doesn't have to be anything tangible. I could see someone wanting to collect languages because they were fascinated by the similarities and differences of grammatical structure across them, or something of that nature.
Collecting information, and Note taking, I take alot of recreational notes on things for some reason, I guess I want to pound things into my head.
I LOVE collecting things. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It's kind of strange because it wouldn't bother me too much if I lost whatever I collected. I'd be sad but I'd get over it.

I collect:

Rocks - arrowheads, geodes, all types
Mountain Dew Green Label Art Bottles
Dragon/Wizard models
Tips&Tricks Magazines
Trinkets from around the world
Necklaces and Rings

Also when I was younger I collected:
Monster In My Pocket figures
Action figures of all types
Micro machines
POGS (haha embarrassing)
Sometimes, but not much anymore. I think that's more a result of my lifestyle than my nature, though. I've moved about 38 times in my life, and have - on occasion - lost almost all of my belongings.

So if I were to resume collecting again, here's what I tend toward:

Books (especially old books, especially-especially old used books that other people have written in, or dedicated to someone)
Antique photos (especially of but not confined to family)
Sticks/branches (love driftwood)
Rocks (especially smooth, like river rocks, especially-especially with holes in them)
Unusual blankets
Japanese Teapots

I'm the only member of my family who is not a packrat, which (as explained above) is a learned behavior, more along the lines of avoiding the heartbreak of attachment to material things that may be taken from you by circumstance.
Also when I was younger I collected:
POGS (haha embarrassing)

Hah! You think that's embarassing? When I was younger I collected... (oh crap, I have to say it now, don't I?) <gulp!>... puffy stickers.

I still have a sticker collection, but they're more, uh... mature?... stickers?

I've moved about 38 times in my life, and have - on occasion - lost almost all of my belongings.

Ouch. I'm so sorry. I've moved 5 times in the last 4 years, and I'm in a situation now where I know I'll have to move again in a few months, which will make it 6 times within 4 years. Frankly, I've about had it. I can only imagine how taxing keeping up that kind of pace might be.

Books (especially old books, especially-especially old used books that other people have written in, or dedicated to someone)

Awww... <HUGE GRIN> That's... incredible! It's making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm blown away. What an amazing collection that would be!
I've never been much of a collector, matierial things just don't do much for me.
Comic Books and DVDs.

Pictures and Memories.
I've always wanted to collect comic books but I just don't have the money.
I bought a whole Spider-Man run which consist of more then 12 trade paperbacks and 2 Hardcover books, for less then 34 bucks on amazon.

That would usually go for 120+ if you bought them at full price.
Heh! My INFJ sister is a bit of a collector, she's a complete minimalist and has as few things as possible but anything to do with wine becomes a collection, at one point she had a half a barrel full of corks (she works in the wine industry so it's not all about drinking). I’d say I'm worse than her with collecting things though; bags, rare CDs or records, sports cards when I was younger, plus more...
i used to collect barbie dolls
then music videos, cassettes (oh man, i feel old), pokemon cards
now i just collect and keep anything that my boyfriend gives me - however, i do have a thing for cocktail dresses... :mlove2:
When I was a kid I used to collect rocks. My father swore I'd be a geologist, so he bought me this rock set with all the scientific rock names...but honestly? I just liked the rocks I found. When he gave me the rock set, I stopped collecting rocks on my own (I guess I thought there was a way I was "supposed" to collect them, and I wasn't doing it right).

Now, I usually collect comics, pens, and books. And maybe action figures and odd toys. :D