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Case Study/Analysis of Character


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Dec 22, 2008
It is one thing to have tools it is another thing to know how to use them. I am trying to hone my intuition and judging skills because even as an infj who tries to remain an objective observer who "senses" things, our views can become clouded when dealing with people who are deliberately vague and deceptive. As humans, everything we say and do and everything we don't say and do says something about us. People can only change themselves. Some changes are natural because they are simply a result of getting older, but of course some changes are deliberate in order to gain an advantage or fit in to a new social situation. So in order to be more accurate, instead of paying attention to just the things that stood out in my mind I paid attention to everything including the history. I also remembered the famous quote: "If the evidence doesn't fit the facts check your facts." Therefore, there has to be some evidence that leads me to a conclusion as to not incorrectly analyze someone.
Here is the analysis, tell me what you would call this personality:
*Doesn't Believe in God or Spirituality no religious affiliation
*Doesn't believe in morals
*Doesn't take responsibility for actions. something or someone else is responsible and when cannot put blame on someone/thing else starts to generalize i.e. "society/human beings weren't meant to etc..."
*Believes people judge them solely on looks
*Constantly moves year to year month to month etc. (no actual home)
*Changes looks VERY frequently and matches whom they are around most
*Quits what they find to be challenging when they think they will "lose" probably fears they may look incompetent show their flaws
*Doesn't complete things
*Admittedly can't be by themselves, rolls into one relationship from another
*Takes short cuts, skips necessary processes routine believes they are naturally good or can do it inherently
*Materialistic and has extremely expensive taste
*Uses big words when not necessary (and out of context)
* Seeks approval, attention, simpathy
On the Outside:
Charming, Charismatic, Humble, Kind hearted, charitable, Simple, wears cross necklace
Anti-social, Narcissistic, Arrogant, Insecure, low self esteem
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Heh. Sounds like one of my coworkers.

ESxP, maybe.
On the Outside:
Charming, Charismatic, Humble, Kind hearted, charitable, Simple, wears cross necklace

Well they sound nice, if that's the outer impression they give. If this doesn't seem genuine, well what does it matter. At least outwardly they are trying to be these things to people, so presumably that has a positive impact in the world.
That's actually the problem, they will act this way in order to appear this way so that their leaching of others is undetected but the victims realize too late that they have emotionally drained themselves taking care of and trying to please this person who it is unpossible to satisfy.
ESTP, possibly ESFP or ISTP, depending on how warped they are from their original path of development (i.e. could be an ISTP that's insecure, and thus needs someone to be in a relationship with, but is not necessarily extroverted or social)
I love that you post such negative things and we're supposed to type this person for you. As if they don't have one redeeming quality. What's more, I love that all of these negative traits are automatically assumed to belong to a sensing type.
I'm not holding those traits to sensing types -- however, being a very good friend to an ESTP and decent friends with other SP types, the description fit extremely well to some of the negative traits those types are prone to...
In any case, it sounds perceiving to me, so let's start there. If they were intuitive, I'd say most likely ENxP.

However, the overall group of characteristics struck me immediately as an unhealthy SP... I don't know what happened to the person or what lies in their background, though, so it's possible to be intuitive...although, if they are intuitive, they'd have to be pushed more constantly and more dramatically to get to the materialism and in-the-moment thinking that the description seems to portray.

I'm not saying that the only possibility is SP, but I do think that the description best fits an SP type
To be fair...I think the only way we can make the determination is based on information we have. If it listed all the negative INFJ qualities I would've said INFJ. Or ENTJ. Or what have you. It's not a declaration that every negative reaction belongs to Sensors. We all have negative reactions to things. But based on the limited information, there's only so much you can say about it.
Doesn't seem possible to type someone solely on negative attributes. The negative traits are the result of something much bigger than mbti.
Doesn't seem possible to type someone solely on negative attributes. The negative traits are the result of something much bigger than mbti.

Exactly, you really can't - all you can do is base it off of the information given. If we had more information, we might have a different type. It could very well be a shadow function, too - but we don't have enough information. If it is a shadow function of an INFJ, then the person would still be acting like an ESFP.
I still think this enough to at the very least give an idea of the person's type. blueflame would have to know the person a decent ammount to list out all of these personality traits. Negative or not, they are still traits and you can drawn conclusions from it.
Well, that's if you consider all that stuff negative. I personally don't think moving is negative, and my ESTP has expensive tastes but I see it as kind of an endearing quality in him. But those both point a little to Se -- ISTPs are somewhat infamous for just taking off, and Se often manifests as materialism, competitiveness, not completing things...and the lack of belief in religion and morals reminded me immediately of IxTP and Ti, although I'm a little hesitant to call it that, given the other lack of evidence...

Overall, though, the description reminds me of my ESTP friend, and I don't even see it negatively -- that type can just be prone to many of those things.
I'd like to request IM conversations, quotes and possibly videos. Some raw material to work with that is an opinion of personality, but facts. Written materials, anything at all of that nature.
Just enrolled there! Ill add a relevant comment in 4 years once I complete my degree :)