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  1. Janas

    Help with my VERY stressed INFJ in a relationship

    Hallo, I'm looking for an advice how to approach my INFJ boyfriend who is at the moment under a lot of stress to the point that he starts questioning everything and is not sure about anything, he said he needs time for himself to go through his feelings and to understand them. He struggles with...
  2. Griffinheart

    ENFP or INFP Under Grip Stress?

    What's up, guys? I've recently been undergoing a lot of stress. I've dropped out of Uni, moved back home, feel unsafe at home, verbally violent outbursts, etc. etc. And it's during these times where in classic Ne fashion, I'm questioning my MBTI type. I thought maybe if I understood what...
  3. Impact Character

    Check Ups & Self Care for Types

    It's important to have a good relationship with yourself, and we all need some care for ourselves every now and then, so I thought to give it a shot and gather some findings in here (mostly regarding MBTI, Enneagram, Archetypes but also in general). I would like this to be a place for sharing...
  4. Sandie33

    [INFJ] INFJ Creativity & Self Care

    Hi Everyone ...putting this little booklet here in hopes that it's informative to others. I ran across a website for creatives and it was a free download. There is quite a bit of info packed into a small space. ;) ***link deleted*** Creativity can be a wellness tool for those of us who...
  5. K

    How do you handle constructive criticism?

    A few questions here: How do you handle constructive criticism from a higher up or from a colleague? Do you get stressed easily at work? On a team, are you the Positive Pat or Negative Nelly? Are you happy in your career choice?
  6. schubert4life

    Stress, Burnout, Anxiety et al. in your work

    Hi, This will be my first post to this forum after taking a test which seems to identify me with the INFJ personality type. I have struggled to find a convincing answer to dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety 'et al.' when it comes to work, so thought I would try here since it seems I face the...