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  1. Rift Zone

    What is "spirituality"?

    Just like that: what does spirituality mean to you? How do you relate to it, if at all?
  2. Y1gtfmd74i5u

    The Undiscovered Self C.G. Jung

    Has anyone else began reading this? I found myself perplexed at picking up this book at this particular part of my mbti/ life journey as I was literally feeling science was failing spirituality and vice versa. Wondering if it would be acceptable to start a thread off of the topic of this work.
  3. plurjosh

    Evolving Into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

    I invite those reading this or listening, to take a couple deep breathes into the center of your chest, visualize arriving at a temple, and even before removing your shoes, wrap up any judging, any agendas of what you may think this is, and any notions about what belief is and take that folded...
  4. plurjosh

    What is your relationship with your Self? To God?

    This self inquiry isn't singularly religious, spiritual, esoteric, or even systematic. This is something anyone at any time can ask themselves. All it requires is You. What is your relationship with your self? You might say well I'm me. Yes. Indeed. Though beyond a definition of what is a me...
  5. Dado


    Hello :) I decided to open this thread because i didn't find one thats strictly about enlightenment. I had spiritual awakening before few years and since then on I have been reading, reasearching and practising everyday with aim to become liberated one day. This thread could serve everyone...
  6. Yugen

    Runes in divination

    Hi there, I am quite new to divination despite practicing magic from some time. I need advice on how to read runes and their meanings in divination. If some of you witches and/or wiccans out there could help me I'd be grateful! I know the different methods but once you have your runes out how do...
  7. Mistify

    What/Who were your spiritual influences? (Or what led you away from Spirituality)

    So I mentioned in my introduction thread that I've been in the middle of a kind of spiritual crisis lately and I've been reading around the threads trying to gather what you all believe and some of your reasons for it. I've been gathering ideas from different sources for the past 6 months or so...
  8. C

    [INFJ] New Philosophical Movement: Kellerinianism

    New World Religion / Spiritual Movement / Societal Movement : youtube.com/KellerinaBacon Revealing The Kellerinianism Movement! Also known as: BACON SPIRITUALITY! This is a NEW Movement! This is a societal, philisophical, political, spiritual, and soulful lifestyle movement aimed at...
  9. Sandie33

    [INFJ] The Rule Riders: Rebels With Just Cause

    This post isn't just about spirituality and religion, yet I stashed it in here as to avoid confusion, maybe. We are all on a quest to 'find ourselves'. We all have to respect the societal rules that are often a heavy imposition for us to obey. This is how a Rebel is concieved. So, as the poll...
  10. brightmoon


    Its amazing! I've long been a practioner, sometimes taking classes, working on my own or following DVDs. I feel much better doing it after than before. Its much more than stretching, its a method to integrate your body and mind with breath. Breath is the most important part. In the West its...
  11. Artisan

    Your most spiritual moment

    Hey people, Since this differs for most people, I am curious as to the details of your spiritual moments and thus I have a couple of questions about them :) - What you are doing when you experience your spiritual moments? - Where/When do you experience your spiritual moments? - How...
  12. Skarekrow


    "I am human" Yes you are. I would be thinking that you are! Human as, when you look in the mirror, you are more than what meets the eye. We could almost say there are two "you". One s what you see in a mirror, a living biological human biological body, but there is “someone” inside of that body...