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  1. btg3ar

    HELP! INFJ/ENFP lesbian twin flames

    Have you ever met your twin flame, encountered someone or stories of someone that had? I locked eyes with mine & am too comatose in thought to explain much. mid 30's lesbian INFJ here & mid 40's closeted, religious ENFP somewhere far away, yet near. When our eyes locked, our souls united...
  2. TheFool

    [INFJ] Loosing yourself in a relationship

    Hi my fellow INFJs! I would like to know how you prevent loosing yourself in a relationship? INFJs want to create harmony and we often sacrifice ourselves in relationships to meet the expectations and preferences of our partners. I have noticed that this is my way to show appreciation and...
  3. periodictoblerone


    Do you believe in the concept of soulmates? If yes, what is your definition of this word?
  4. D

    [INFJ] Links: twin flame/soul reuion, INFJs, and/or rare ab- blood?

    I recently have become aware of who I am, why I am, and spiritual evolution etc. Ive had sleep paralysis for 6 yrs, an obe, a spiritual awakening which was most recent changing my life. I Learned about my rare blood type when pregnant which I've read some strange things about. my life was an...