1. BXM

    YOUR TRUTH: What would you change about the world?

    What is one thing you would alter about the world/society for the better? I would get rid of capitalism in the U.S. or change it to something else; capitalism is a philosophy created by people sitting in a circle- why can't this ideology be altered for the better or what exactly is better...
  2. plurjosh

    Evolving Into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

    I invite those reading this or listening, to take a couple deep breathes into the center of your chest, visualize arriving at a temple, and even before removing your shoes, wrap up any judging, any agendas of what you may think this is, and any notions about what belief is and take that folded...
  3. Tango India Mike

    Good vs Nice

    What is the difference between being good and being nice? Can you ever be good without the ability to cause harm?
  4. ReasonEnduring

    Does anyone have a Plan?

    Does anyone have a plan to make the world better? I mean an actual plan to drastically improve society and counter the dangers the modern world is manifesting? Given we live in a world where the corrupt and tyrannical can buy or butcher their way to success and democracy is a popularity...
  5. Sandie33

    Vaping and Its Associated Health Risks

    Quite the controversial topic in the news recently. 'A 17-year-old boy whose lungs were irreversibly damaged by vaping received a double-lung transplant at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, a lifesaving measure taken when a patient’s own lungs are diseased or damaged beyond repair and there...
  6. Kabss

    A Philosophical Need

    Writing this here because I only expect Intuitive minds to understand this. Do you ever feel like an old soul ? Mocking the whole casual dating mindset this society has and having a strong judgement of how things usually work out to be or should be. I don’t know where I’m going with this thread...
  7. Rcs6r

    Why do we become what we hate?

    I am actually taking this topic from another forum (Gamefaqs, as it turns out), but I thought it was good: why do we become what we hate? What does the question mean to you, and do people truly become what they hate? The best response I saw so far was:
  8. Ambyguity

    [INFJ] INFJs and the Conflict Between Social Anxiety and Fe

    There have been plenty of posts about social anxiety, but I specifically want to address what I think is the main problem about being an INFJ with social anxiety. The problem is this: 1. As an Fe secondary, I need social interaction; I need to feel like I am a part of something with people...
  9. G

    Why don't INFJs fit into society

    I keep reading articles all over the Internet saying that INFJs are known for being outsiders and not fitting into society. However, I can't figure out why. I believe I accurately match the type description, but I don't understand how any of the qualities in the description could make me...