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  1. aeon

    Loneliness – What Kind?

    Loneliness is an experience in which one perceives a relationship deficit—the sense that the quality or the number of one’s relationships are unsatisfactory. People who experience social loneliness feel like they are not part of a group that shares their interests, that they do not belong, that...
  2. P

    Unintentionally Offending Others When Talking

    Does anyone here ever feel like you offend others when you talk? That has been the central issue of most of my relationship with people. At my most comfortable state, I talk in an impersonal manner and have a slightly brash way of conversing (it's the way I was brought up). In this case, people...
  3. Rowan Tree

    INFJ Utopia

    William Morris (perhaps an INFJ himself) once wrote: 'The only safe way of reading a Utopia is to consider it the expression of the temperament of its author.’ Along those lines, what would an INFJ utopia look like? For me, it would deprioritise competition and status, acquisition for its own...
  4. Sandie33

    [INFJ] Type: Assumed or Aquired Social Mask?

    The nature of shadow functions are that they are something that is used only sparingly or when in moments of stress, not typically as a primary mode of operation. Over time, when used as the primary mode, only results in tiring the individual out, especially if he or she is continually acting in...
  5. iHeartCats

    Which social network are you?
  6. Profoundhappiness

    [INFJ] Are you likeable?? Socially accepted?? Even Popular?

    I'm curious, how likeable or "Popular" INFJ's are amongst their peers and friends and social networks. Do you have trouble spots? Can you navigate the social landscape flawlessly? Do you feel you bumble around? Are you generally yourself? Or do you filter yourself for others? Do...