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    INFJ friendship vs relationship

    Hey INFJs, I have an INFJ male friend and was wondering if there is any way to tell if he is interested in me romantically or not? Lately, he's been initiating the two of us hanging out, (for the past month or two its been once or twice a week typically, but he's not the kind of guy that has...
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    [INFJ] INFJs and Texting?

    Hello, friends. I'm very close friends with a guy who is an INFJ. We've been friends for a few years but I recently started to develop feelings for him. The trouble is, I can't figure out how he feels about me. I've thought about asking, but I don't want to make our friendship awkward. He acts...
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    INFJ & INFP, are they compatible?

    Do you think an INFJ & an INFP would make a good couple? Why or why not?
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    INFJ Mixed Signals

    Hey everyone Lately, I've been getting a lot of mixed signals from an INFJ guy friend of mine. I thought maybe he liked me because he gets very protective over me in particular, he lightly teases me sometimes, I catch him looking at me often and then he looks away when I catch him, he often sits...
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    [INFJ] Help: my friend an infj is pulling all the curtain "silently withdrawn" on me.

    I have an infj friend who becomes detached, withdrawn, and is closing all the curtain on me. We are not particularly close but we have known each other for a long time. I care about him deeply. I said something wrong to him. At that time I didn't know. I thought the wrong thing so said the wrong...