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  1. Chackabuu

    Imagine: outside threats

    Maybe this thread belongs here? I couldn't decide where to put it but I think it'll exercise your imagination. Imagine there was some sort of otherworldly threat to Earth. You can imagine aliens or something similar, it doesn't matter what. This thread isn't for thoughts on extraterrestrial...
  2. Pin

    The Purpose of Life

    So let's just dive in. Aristotle was a virtue ethicist. He wasn't concerned with the specific rules and regulations behind being a good person. That's Kant. Aristotle basically thought that there are vices and virtues. A person can't be virtuous all of the time so he saw ethical conduct as a...
  3. Roses In The Vineyard

    The Isolated Individual & the Crowd Beast

    Found this interesting video on a topic that is rarely delved into these days.
  4. Truth Eternity

    Humanity and the Nature of Good vs Evil

    Ever since I was old enough to wonder philosophical questions, I've always believed that humanity is naturally good. We have science and evolution that shows the cooperative nature of humanity in order to survive. We have the positive feeling we get when we do good for others. And for many like...
  5. Artisan

    Why ?

    Hey people, I was wondering why people tend to bring up issues for discussion but mostly avoid talking about possible solutions, work a rounds and ways to progress despite these issues? Are we as human beings really more interested in conflicts than ways to overcome them and what comes...