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  1. E

    [INFJ] INFJ broke up with me [ENFP]. Please help!!

    My [ENFP] boyfriend [INFJ] broke up with me because I exhausted him. Should I do no contact or should I continue to show him I care and am willing to work things out? We dated for almost 2 years. I met him through mutual friends when he was visiting a city I was living in for a few days. I knew...
  2. josevi

    [INFJ] Trying to understand an INFJ post-breakup

    SORRY FOR THE LONG TEXT, BUT I HAD TO GIVE YOU AS MANY DETAILS AS I COULD! Hello, it has been around 2 weeks since me (ENTJ 23M) and my ex (INFJ 19F) broke up. She was the one who decided breakup. Basically the reason was that we started to detach from each other. At the beginning of February...
  3. Nets

    Dated an ESFP. Broke up and now wants us to pretend we are together for a party. What gives????

    I (F32) posted a couple of weeks ago asking for advise on what to do with a sweet/good guy (M31) that checked some of my boxes. I’m so glad I listened to you all and held off on ending it before I really got the chance to hash out the issue (of overdrinking in parties to the point of the point...
  4. R

    Coming out of a 20 year relationship

    Hi there, INFJ here. So it finally happened again. My GF decided to end our 20 year relationship after she fell in love with the guy we work with. This is not the first time she cheated on me. Yet, like the dreamer I am, the stubbornness, and the hope of a future us instantly died on July 7th...
  5. hunnybee143

    Question for INTJs

    Let's say you've been in a relationship for a year at most with someone who you immediately fell in love with, things were amazing the first couple months and then you had some major ups and downs that separated you for a little while until you were able to come together and make things work...