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  • Thanks! I plan on taking photos for as long as I possibly can. It's a passion of mine. I love to get out and create! And thanks again for the nice comments!
    Cubs need their sleep :D! And I'm glad you liked it :p !
    Have a wonderful sleep, sweets ^_^ <3 xo

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
    When your PM arrives xD! It's currently still a work in progress but I should be done very sooon XD! <3
    my little cub! your PM is a glorious work in progress!

    Just letting you know :p
    Since you wrote a small essay as a reply... : D!
    Your current "purple moon scene with the couple" avatar is really beautiful.
    *Lol! Oh no xD! People will be like "You blatantly copied that awesome TigersGoRAWR girl! We hate you!" and that wouldn't be fun D:
    *Oh happy birthday dog! Elephants are cool! So majestic in my opinion! ^_^
    *Oh wow! Yes, no more realistic movies for you, young lady! ^_^ We don't want no nightmares D:
    *I also love Finding Nemo! I haven't seen How To Train Your Dragon D: Maybe if we are to ever meet one day, we shall watch this movies and smile all day long! I think it sounds like a fun thing to do o_o;
    *Lol! Yes, best to give your back a break =P Who are you staying with when you arrive near London (lol)?
    *OH FINE! I'll have all the waffles then and you can have the cornflakes ^_^ :D :D :D
    Have fun near London! Take some pictures and make me jealous that you're going on holiday and I'm going back to Uni! ):
    Goodnight little cub!
    <3 <3 <3 xoxo

    Haha! It is so useful! Maybe my username should be useful, too? CocobeansMakeCOCO :D? What do you think? :D!
    Cats are generally my favourite animal ;D I do love dogs, too! As for wild animals, I'd have to go wiiiith...Lions, Elephants and Deer lol ;D
    I haven't seen it! I have been meaning to see it, though ;D! I like Tom Hanks as an actor and Julia Roberts is decent, too lol.
    Awww =( I'm sorry to hear that! Did you have a nightmare that had something to do with the movie?
    You should watch a nice happy animal movie! Liike.....JUNGLE BOOK! That has a Tiger in it, right?! I've never actually seen it o_o;
    And that is nice that your mum wanted some girl time =P! where are you going for four days? D: !
    It's okay! I like waffles ^_^ om nom :D :D
    <3 <3 xoxo :D
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