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  • You're welcome! As time goes it gets easier and easier to open up about how you feel about things and what people are doing. I'm glad to hear that you're working on that, it's essential to your happiness and overall well being!
    It's all good! :) Got me where I needed to be, anyway. Mistakes are key, as long as you allow them to grow you as a person.
    Dude. You don't even know how many times I have said, written, and thought that in those words exactly. "Unbalanced relationship."

    You are young, and wise to have identified & rejected this concept already. :) Go forth, young soldier. Now go back in time & knock some sense into ME, lol!
    Oh okay, that's fair enough :p
    Nawh, cute! Will you be okay by yourself, though? I hope someone is checking up on you xD.
    Ohh! Good! If anyone tries to break into your house, you know what to do! :p I suggest rewatching the movie for tips!

    Nawh, thank you! >_<! There will be a lot of people there which is why I'm nervous xD! Uni is boring because I'm over the people in my classes, lol. In my class yesterday, these girls were talking to the group about how drunk they were on the weekend :\ and basically calling a friend of theirs a slapper because she had sex with someone they knew. I was a little over it lol.
    Thanks! I can't get over how long they've been together! It's kind of crazy really lol.

    I'm sorry D: ! I tried to do more but I was restricted ): !
    :D :D :D :hug:

    <3 <3 <3 <3!
    Nawwwh! Oh you! :D!

    Oh? What made you change your mind? :D
    I love having the house to myself! I always sing at the top of my lungs and dance around in my pjs :D.
    I hope you enjoy your time alone :p I am somewhat reminded of the movie "Home Alone" xD have you seen it? I feel really old right now lol D:

    I'm just at Uni, really! My life is boring D:. Aside from boring Uni, I am trying to practice my singing for my grandparents party! They are celebrating their golden anniversary and are having a huge party that I need to sing at. Eeeeep! D:

    I am nervous lol!

    :D :D :D :D :D
    I win for most :D faces! :hug:

    teehee <33
    That's why I asked you. D: Now I ish happeh so I go get food and get fat. Nomnom. *waves* Bai!
    The last 2 days it was so close to 100 but no one loves me enough to rep me.
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