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  • Life is alright. Lots going on with volunteering, friends, biking, reading. I try to keep busy.

    Yourself? Still working for the Uni's dorm?
    Yes, exactly! It was hard to not be cynical about it because, to me, I saw the same person in the mirror, and it was an insult that people suddenly cared about me. Nobody cared about me before, and after my weight loss, everyone wants to look at, talk touch, and touch you. I'm a lot better at it now, and that competition I spoke of in my blog has helped me with that, but it's still a hard thing to cope with. I hate knowing that people validate my existence on something as fickle as arbitrary as a few extra pounds! Well, it was almost 80 on a 5'2 frame, but still, my point stands: weight is easy to put on. I know the people who count don't base my self-worth on it, and neither do it, but's definitely tough.

    As far as attention from men goes, I've never really sought it, AND I'm introverted (um, duh :p), so all of that combined with the fact that I went from obese to a conventionally accepted size made it really hard to deal with. I'm not a casual dater, and as an INFJ, I'm sure you understand me when I say that I'm very selective of the people I include in my life, as we're very different. Men don't get that, and tend to get upset when I'm very blunt and don't play their games when they try to flirt. It makes me seem cold and aloof, but I've gotten better at being warmer and friendlier when I politely tell them I'm not interested, instead of a very dry, concise "No."
    Dragon Age! \o/ I haven't finished it yet /...

    Is L.A Noire good? I've heard about it but yet..

    Hong kong is a good place :) I love the vibe, very...alive. Not exactly clean or all spotless, but alive.
    The house? What sort of video games? Where are you moving?

    I'm doing fine, in a trip lol. Are in Hongkong right now.
    Pretty good at the moment. Just finished this deck staining project. So I'm floating pretty high on the sense of accomplishment that follows getting a job done that I have long procrastinated. Hope you have come to place of peace regarding your romantic entanglements.
    Sorry to hear about your lady troubles, my friend. But it seems like you're better off without her considering all the drama she's causing. *hug*
    Howdy. I hope you got your women troubles figured out. Darn, people are trying to convince me I'm an extrovert.... *shudders* And you? How is life Smiley?
    Hahah, plus I decided to do this mid bath! :p Now... back to relaxation... (yes i take my laptop with me when I'm going to take a bath! don't judge me!)
    Ooooh, a lot of sci-fi and history, I see. :) And some nonfictions too! \o/

    Animes with multiple arcs very often had a messy animation quality, from what I'd heard. And I see your girlfriend (congrats!) is pretty intentional on forcing you. xD
    Regarding Puella Magi Madoka Magica, certainly :D It's interesting and it plays a lot with the usual magical girl tropes....viciously.

    Oh, sounds interesting. I barely know a steroid like that exists; I should take good care on that, I think. :)
    Thanks. :) I thought that's what you were aiming for :) Sorry for adding extra info :p I just found the stories really interesting... That is definitely an eyeopening story. True that it was a good call to make sure, but at the same time it makes it that much harder for men to take care of their kids when others have suspicious motives and stereotypes of them. Sadly, I also agree that if it would have been SAHM, these stereotypes would not have been brought up and the woman would not have been as harshly criticized.
    Oh, so you're still planning on getting them? What are the books?

    Ah, I see. Seems a lot of anime can differ depending on the arc...? But I dunno, I rarely watched long anime these days. In fact I just watched anime recently; Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    Hmm, I wonder how restaurants and bakeries there are like. In here the popular ones are definitely ones with minimalist interiors and (for some reasons) pancakes. Oh, and Fro-yos. They're like, the boom these 2 - 3 years. And what is cortisol? o_O; sounds interesting.

    Nah, you're not, don't worry. XD I don't know what I tend to remember, though; usually the entirety of the memory itself..
    Thanks Reon. You know the nickname I have in my head for you is Smiley right? You have a great smile! I am glad to see you still around too--one of these days us INTJs may be able to take over the forum...shhh though
    Well, I'm finally replying; sorry for the long time! I'm doing better, hopefully. Still juggling matters. Seems the books are good? Nine books seems a lot. XD I'd heard Gintama is good..

    Ah... right, I considered Latin old enough, that forgetting is common. The funny thing about derivations from other language seems to be that a lot of them were mostly typos or the accented variation of a word. (i.e, the common word for chocolate rice here in Indonesia comes from Dutch word Muisjes)

    Sweets are delicious. Well, baked sweets. Especially cookies and brownies, for me. I often settle for bakeries, but I've made some from scratch myself's wonderful! Not that candies are bad either.. tsk, now I'm totally self-sabotaging....Well, true, everything is edible in a diet if you can manage, but often the question arises is 'is it worth it..?'.

    Ew, that kind of people must've been very annoying *looks at self*

    Auditory guy? How does it work? Seems interesting. :)
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