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  • Hello! You should join the Four Letter Club for people with four lettered usernames :smile:

    It'd be nice to see you there :D

    - Wish
    Sorry I haven't replied for so long >_<

    more esoteric ones?

    That's really good \o/ baking is..well, only feasible if you live with a lot of people, and like sweets (mostly). For baking, yes, it sucks for diet. >_< Or at least if done normally...I know there are books for high fibre cookies or something similar. xD I like baked goods, so I have to watch myself lol
    I'm very weak at shopping. Bad at choosing, easy to tempt. So... -a- yeah.

    Both extreme ends are...amazingly present, despite how outrageous it might seem. (Were they the same IRL? I wonder..). And I agreed. it's very different when your senses are engaged, as opposed to merely..seeing..text. But of course, both has their uses. XD. Like plenty had found, I find text interactions useful when I'm talking long (and I've attempted to copy my style of typing in hilarious result.)

    Unfortunately some people seems to think otherwise, what with the prevalence of Facebook / Twitter and video chats. o_o;

    Ah, I see xD Well yesh, plenty of pop music sound very similar to each other (not to mention the 'sampling' issue)

    How are you doing btw? Have you got something to do for summer?
    I see what you mean about the money thing. There is so much pressure to make the right choice, the first time, I think it makes it all that much worse. But honestly, student debt is common and it's not all that terrible for a burden in exchange for getting the best out of your college years. Are you working at all this summer or are you taking some much needed time off?

    I think any kind of post-secondary degree is useful to some extent; most undergraduate degrees teach you critical thinking and the knowledge is more abstract and theory-based than anything you ever learn in high school. And the cool thing about English Lit is that there is quite a bit of overlap with the other disciplines... I know a little about everything, really. And I find that is the case with most liberal arts degrees. You kind of get a 6 in 1 package deal. But since English Lit essays are the way they are, I had more creative reign with how I got to apply that knowledge.

    Still, I didn't feel like this type of degree needed my attention for four years. I wasn't really learning any new skills by the time I hit the beginning of my third year and the only thing that changed was the content of the books that we were asked to analyze. I was bored. I took on a minor in philosophy. Kept my interest for a bit, but ultimately, I got bored with that too. I'm not saying that I didn't learn anything, because I learned a lot, but I felt like I could've done more with it. On the whole, I think my entire disappointment with my early university career stems from the fact that I didn't challenge myself enough.

    But you live and learn, right?
    Yeah, I think it's going to stay a hobby for now. :tongue: But I really appreciate the thought. I've never really been told that I could honestly do it before, so thanks so much!
    Haha, my sister does that. She holds on to things because they have a sentimental value to her. Her stuff clutters up most of our room. You see my side is so clean and neat, and then you look to the left side and bam! so much stuff. lol

    So, how have you been? :smile:
    I find an instructor to be invaluable when you're first starting out with... well, anything. Yoga, like any other work out, is all about proper form. I think it would be beneficial for you to first get someone to show you how to do the poses properly and correct you where you need to be corrected. Especially since it's such a subtle art. Little things like pushing your chest out a bit more, or tucking in your pelvis or even the direction of where you look (sounds silly but its true) can make an enormous difference. And you don't really notice that kind of stuff at first, nor are you able to 'check' yourself quite right, even in front of a mirror. An instructor can definitely help you get the most out of your experience.

    As for your college dilemma, my dear boy, I don't want to discourage you from following your dream in anthropology, if that is truly your dream, but it sounds like a part of you is holding onto pursuing engineering as well. And if math is the only thing that is stopping you, well, I don't want to sound like a preachy parent, but I do encourage you to re-consider this decision. I know mathematics is no cakewalk in university. Hell, that's the very reason I pursued a bachelor's degree in English literature as opposed to the sciences or finance, and I paid for it dearly. Liberal art students really do come at a dime a dozen; I wanted to be an exception. It turned out I wasn't. Guess what I'm back in school for? Commerce. And I've got parabolas coming out the frickin' wazoo.

    If engineering is truly your dream, then you will find a way to get around the maths. You are a very bright guy, I can tell. It might come a lot more difficult to you at first, since you might not be accustomed to that type of thinking, but once you get the hang of it, you really do find that it broadens your thinking because you're being challenge to pursue something completely out of your element. I have full confidence that you really could push through if you wanted to.

    And never be afraid to fall behind a year. Everyone goes at their own pace. It isn't a race. People change their minds and switch out of programs all the time. College is the time to find yourself. A semester or even one academic is nothing compared to the rest of your life.

    But then again, if anthropology truly is your first love, and you're willing to pour blood, sweat and tears into this as your career, then by all means, this is what you should stick to. :)

    In the meantime, I'm happy to hear that you've given yourself some time to play and enjoy the college experience. It's sweet that you have a girlfriend. Mind you, I'm surprised you haven't had all the ladies fawning over you; she should watch out! :)
    It's alright! You seem to have many things on the go, thanks for being so considerate :)
    Thanks! <3 ANTM is kinda crazy though nowadays. :tongue: I could not match all of the Amazonians with the stunning cheekbones and such. Plus I'm too awkward to model and know nothing about fashion haha. But it shall remain a hobby between friends, and I shall continue to post pics!
    No, no, no. Not joining the armed services. lol. It's just a regime. To challenge myself. I'm a hardy little trooper.
    As for Yoga, to be honest, at first I didn't really get much out of it; a minor stretch at best and a little bit of quiet time. But I've learned that it really all depends on your instructor. The instructor I have is amazing. She really pushes to make sure you're doing everything correctly and seamlessly incorporates meditation and breathing exercises into the program. I always walk away feeling so relaxed; I'm hooked. lol.

    College-man already. You have to tell me all about it! What made it interesting? What are you studying? Were you a party animal? ;)
    Thus far, my summer has been all right. I've actually got into the yoga thing too. I've signed up for a military boot camp for July, and part of the program has yoga in the evenings... which I know I'm going to desperately need.

    You're starting college this year right? Or am I giving you extra years?
    Oh you know, just chillin', keepin' it real, making my music for the fans... ;)

    How are you, good sir?
    Hehe, yeah. Although, I am slowly losing interest now that I am exploring other sciences. I SEE! you're a hoarder aren't ya? :D I don't have space to keep things I don't need and I don't like clutter at all, so i end up throwing things away.

    Friendships need investments and sometimes it's hard to do with so many people. But whatevs, I think you're a great friend. :)
    Nah, don't get me wrong. I'd really really like to learn Latin some day. I agreed that it could help in other languages; seeing how latin has roots in...a lot of languages? XD

    Ooh, what can you cook? I'd say it's a good thing -- especially if you like fancy foods. And now I want to cook myself. /sigh The shopping kinda sucks tho.

    True enough. It somewhat numbs you slowly but sure. Probably the more you see those things, no matter where, the more you'll feel more jaded about it. Being jaded and apathy is, IMO, the recipe for entropy. Philosophical and moral entropy, at the very least.

    I'm still very naive in the sense of understanding people that, I mostly don't think they're lying. :| I abhor the day when I'll learn the lesson. But I agreed, things are interesting when you see it as so. Even staying at home and looking at the computer screen can be so..if you will it to be. Of course, that presents another trap for Introverts (why go outside if you can have fun inside?), but that's another matter with another understanding entirely. (for example, what 'uses' are 'interesting things'? As a source of growth? As a story to tell?)

    Whoa, that's really varied. What I can discern is merely Utada Hikaru (too bad she's on a hiatus ATM), 2pm (too much seeing my brother's Korean music shows >_>), Bond (they still exists?) and La roux (Somewhat interesting and catchy. Also that hair.) The other...I don't seem to know. Ouch. But yeah; it's very varied. Do you think there's a huge difference inbetween countries or genres?

    I sincerely hope so \o/
    No worries it was a weird night full of things I was deeply absorbed in reading on the internet. It's just chat I didn't think anything of it :)
    Well, I am going to start with Jung's books. I've been putting them off for a while now. LOL, I meant Fiction, FICTION..I must've been tired. lol yeah, I read for fiction for creative language. That must've been confusing for you, eh? lol sorry.

    My best thing to do at the end of a school year is...throwing away all those useless papers! I do spend sometime on there but not very often. It's quiet and there aren't that many threads that I haven't seen over here already. About the interface, my issue with it is that it takes so much time to load, although I did like the old one better. Eh, it takes time to get used to it. I am on PerN to hang out mostly.
    I am doooonnneee!! :dance:

    Now I get to read my books, starting tonight! lol Almsot all of the books I read are fiction. I read non-fiction sometimes for creative language and non-technical terms, but they have to be really good. I have to start cleaning my place too. All this time in school, everything got neglected. T_T
    Among others, yes. I'm still Persona there since Jez recently put her foot down on the name changing thing.
    Lol XD Well, it's just random things. How about cooking?
    Yay Latin! It's an awesomely impractical language. I guess it's a thing that you can only learn from college?

    True. It all goes in various ways; people feel less restraint to express negativity; some even seems to relish from it. People also seems to feel less compassion and sympathy; albeit strangely I feel the capacity of knowing someone deeper is more possible by the advent of the Internet, the chance of artificial persona is also high. o_O; Ah, well, I suppose we'll cope?

    Oof, true enough, but it does seems like we're getting used to this...which maybe would be another sort of evil altogether.

    I would say that's great; at least your taste are expanding wide. XD The opportunity to finding treasures in each genres are bigger XD Who are your favorite artists?

    Well...I did, every now and then, I should've compiled them, but~ maybe later. /lazy
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