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  • Hahaha, I know it wasn't from that, unless everyone turned into digital anime figures when I wasn't looking? That would be quite a feat.

    Well enough, for a teenager staying up late to draw insects.
    Yes, but practically you can't be both ILE and INFJ. They're contradictory in many aspects. The functions aren't the same, but there is certain overlap of definitions. So for example, if you prefer Ni-Fe, it is very unlikely that in Socionics your base and creative are Ni and Fe (just as an example) because Socionics Ni blatantly contradicts MBTI Ni-Fe.
    Ah, I see! And ...heh...Jezebel? I have to commend her, she keeps that forum going. Anyways, I suppose I was browsing that forum a few weeks ago and saw your avatar then when you joined the INFJ forum, I recognized it. Conundrum solved!
    Random question: I recognized your avatar when I saw your introduction post but I couldn't place it until now: Are you a member of the INTJ forum?
    Heh, it's a blessing if you're an INFJ. We're not well suited to being regular at boring menial tasks. It really helps our quality of life to not have to do them. I hit the gym several times a week, but I'm not at all hardcore about it, and it really takes a focused effort on my part to remember to go.
    Yes, females do not have the upper body strength that men have, nor the oxygen efficiency inherently. It's just how we are wired. However, if I'm not mistaken, the world record for lift vs. bodyweight ratio is held by a woman, even though it's not a world record weight unto itself. I think she was like 175 lbs of nothing but muscle, and lifted 400+ pounds. So again, we're back to potential not being equal to capacity, simply an advantage.
    From what I understand, the average adult male can bench about half his bodyweight if he's a complete couch potato. An adult male who works out regularly should be able to bench his own bodyweight rather easily. 150% of bodyweight is considered 'ideal', and 200% of bodyweight is in the upper end of human potential. My friend who can bench 750 is a complete beast of a man who weighs close to 350 pounds.
    Oh? If I may inquire, are you doing the whole "I'm bored over summer so I'm widening my interest" thing or are you doing something in real life that requires your time? And, haha, same. Inventing ideas doesn't seem to be a trait that many peepz care about unless you market yourself right~
    Inventors are awesome. We should be inventing something awesome...but I have nothing :p. Nenyways, how're you? Enjoying the forum? Based on your forum count, you're kicking ass at the being active thing :p
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