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  • Aww. Thank you! I made the hard decisions today. And I had company last night and again tonight from boys who held me while I cried. Friends help. thank you for being one.
    That was INTERESTING. The one about Tesla. I loved that. Thanks for sending me that link. When I have more time I want to check out more of those TED videos.
    Sorry you haven't been feeling well lately. Those brain videos are very intricate. I don't know how many of those I could watch - too much condensed information at one time for me! I love how they did the animation though. That was cool. I hope you feel better soon. :hug:
    I watched that TED video. Yeah, it's involved, but kind of interesting. Do you watch that for work or fun?
    Lol, thank you, I know. I would never release that amount of anger on anyone, except in text to my ex-husband, admitedly I have 3 times. I've recently been advised to say this to people harassing me lately, but I just can't bring myself to be that mean to someone, directly. It felt good to express my honest feelings in that thread, though, lol. :) Thank you.
    To embed just copy the link of the video directly from the address bar and paste it into your post. It should automatically embed for you.
    I think he did you a favor-! He showed you who he really is! So, believe him!
    Two months you've known him? usually people show their true colors around 3 months.
    Consider yourself lucky that you did not need to invest yet another month in this guy before learning who he really IS. Like
    Maya Angelou says: "when people show you who they are the FIRST time, believe them. You do not want to be in a relationship with someone who would treat you this way. Do you? Men do not change! Saying nothing and moving out after you allowed him IN, is unforgivable in my opinion. You deserve better than this!
    Nope...but Chessie is, and so is ...um, one of the men who's important in my life. ;)
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