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  • Oh really? I use Chrome and I've never had a problem :/ That's really odd! Glad i t's working again anyway. How are you?
    If it helps at all, I think anyone who has the guts to enter a contest automatically wins. I hate contests for many the same reasons -- although I've never been in the kind you describe (I don't live THAT far on the edge *laughs*). Also, the judges are going to be picking their favorites out of those who entered -- not the best person or even the best appearing person. With your confidence, you'll do fine.
    I'm kind of still in that cynical phase a bit. It's so weird to have people care about you just because you look different. I tend to think that better looking people get farther in life and things like that, at times, and then I remember that "Better" looking is personal and things like that. Still, it's kind of heartbreaking to think that if I was heavier, people who love me would not even want to know me even though I'm the same person. I see. I haven't read your blog (I will now) so I do not know of what competition you speak of. It scares me to think that some of my friends might leave or stop being "seen" with me if I put the weight back on again.

    Haha. Makes sense. I went through a phase were I would seek looks and things like that but I never really had to deal with cat calling or touching. I'm an INTJ and 6'3 so I can intimidate people pretty easily. People in general don't get that. It's like if they express their affection for you, you have to care. It's really weird.

    So, random question, what does your name mean and/or why did you pick it?
    About your latest post in the "What's in a pose" thread: I don't know how it feels to be leered at in the context of men to a woman but I do know what it's like to lose a lot of weight and have everyone treat you as if you're a better and more valuable person. I lost a lot of weight in high school and my reputation completely changed. I went from zero to somewhat popular in only half a year. It hurts a lot more than just being considered ugly, in a way. It's the inspiration behind a phrase that I like to say in that "People who are fat in the mind will always feel fat in the heart" With that being said, I do know how it feels to be objectified; due to the circles I run in, I tend to be hit on by both men and women and some individuals only have sex on the mind. It's kind of disgusting.

    Anyways, I just kind of wanted to share that with you because I don't often find people who went through the same experience and feel the same way that I do. Most people I met who lost a lot of weight tend to be of the variety that they are so ecstatic they lost the weight that they completely try to bury their past selves.
    You have a certain awesomeness about you. Do you really sing at Burger King? Really really? :D
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