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Jun 21, 2010
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Steering By The Stars

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Dec 26, 2012
    1. Kgal
      Awww.... He called you Sunshine? :) Do you wish you had someone like that in your life now? It's hard for me to let go of that particular kind of attention. I keep wanting it from others....
    2. Kgal
      Part of it is a longing to go home - or a place where love beauty and a reverence for all things is abundant and manifested every day in every way. Where ever that is - is where I want to be - both without and within - me. I also have a deep reverence for trees and the way they are presented in that pic seems to embody my feeling. My objective these days is to find that "place" within me. [shrug]
    3. Kgal
      Ache inside - eh? Was it the trees? Or the girl?
    4. Kgal
      Funny. That's what I was thinking about you! Even with the time difference 2am is either very late or very early. :tongue1: I woke up. Couldn't sleep. Sometimes I use my phone to check on the forum and see if it's blown up... One never knows. :crazy:
    5. jimtaylor
      Hello!!! How are you? :D
    6. Kgal
      Foolish?!?!? :lol: I suppose it depends upon what you're contemplating for a new job. that I think about that ...who am I to say what anyone else thinks is important to them - is foolish. oth - I am the Goddess Fool - at the moment. I should know it when I see it - right?! Hahahahahahhaha. ...hmmm. I'm curious....I hope the pieces fall together for you!

      I like how you say "so that I can spend myself on other things". Very profound statement.... Feeling the strong need to be at liberty is what's been driving me for the last year. Shedding all of the baggage in one's life in order to accomplish this goal is more difficult than I thought it would be. Strangely, tho, the Universe has been helping by removing the loves in my life from my life. Some by death. Others by circumstance. When I look at it from that perspective it gives me chills....

      What will Liberty do for you?

      Anyway. I hope you gain something for your self from the website. Jack Kornfield is great for beginners of insight meditation if you run across his publications.
    7. Kgal
      Meditation - eh? Have you ever looked into Insight Meditation (called Vipassana)? There is a website called Dharma Seed that offers free talks and some guided meditations that I go to weekly. Most of the teachers are from the Western culture, hold non religious views, and present their material from an understanding of what it's like to grow up as we did. I have found them enormously helpful in my journey. Recently this talk resonated deeply in my heart and is helping me in my quest to heal from my fear of abandonment: Maybe you could peruse the site and find a talk that peaks your curiosity. That's what I do when I go there. Sometimes I choose randomly and I'm surprised at how often what I hear makes me think...

      Ooo....quitting your job? Risky business in the current economic climate. You must be at the phase in life of seeking meaning, purpose, and satisfaction with what you actually do as a human being. :) What are you contemplating?
    8. Kgal
      So what in life has grabbed your attention these days?
    9. Kgal
      Actually I never get tired of receiving feedback from my posts. There are a lot of reasons behind the thinking - some are based in logic - like am I on the right track - do I make sense. And then there's my insecurity of not being good enough or worthy - and reps like yours help give me balance to the lie that creeps up on me. So....keep 'em coming - if you like! :tongue: Thank you very much Inquisitive. :love: I hope you get something positive for you from my words.
    10. Kgal
      You are a sweet one, Inquisitive. Thank you for making me feel good this evening! :hug:
    11. Kgal
      Oh'd have to look through the last 2 or 3 pages of my thread to get a good picture of what's been happening in my life. Long story - short - I'm going through the process of grieving many losses as if life is forcing me to shed a bunch of baggage: my home - loved ones - ideas - and harmful self beliefs. The fires of loss are hardening the diamond of me. I WILL be ok....just not right now.
    12. Kgal
      Hello Inquisitive!

      How are you doing these days? I know...I know... there's so much to say it's enough to fill a book - yes? I hope you are well and there is some Joy threaded through your days.
    13. Sriracha
      Thanks! We should swap stories. LOL
    14. Norwich
      Thank you. Got any special plans for the weekend?
    15. Norwich
      :hug:Thank you! How you doing? Here, it's raining again.
    16. dream echo
      dream echo
      D'awww...thank you :)
    17. Diana
      thanks :)
    18. Bird
      Heh, thank you :P
    19. Wyote
    20. Holden On
      Holden On
      @rep-- definitely laugh :)
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    I'm old enough to belong to The Over Thirty Group, but still too young for Late Forties And Beyond, although I doubt they'd kick me out if I joined. In college I was drawn to sociology and social psychology, and even wanted to pursue a degree in journalism. But suffering a classic case of idealist disillusionment and the everyday need to pay the bills, I ended up working in management. My husband says though gracious and tactful, I am a force to be reckoned with and he couldn't help but love me. Simply put, it's always been easy for me to love him back. Anyway, I'm happy to have found this place and hope to make a few friends, so please feel free to contact me.