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  • elvis was kinda cool. not my thing, musically, but think about all the tail he musta had back in the day.

    lucky fucker.

    do you think after he finished he said "thank you, thank you very much!" ?

    i do.
    nice av! hahaaa.

    i just bought bush tickets. i've never seen them live before, should be like re-living in the 90s all over again.

    you know i'm straight, but i'm hoping gavin goes shirtless like the old days, lol.

    i don't believe that elvis is dead, yeah, don't believe that elvis is dead.

    [feel free to replace "elvis" with bart]
    No, I'm cheap - no HBO. But I did find it on alluc.org so - bonus! I saw the first episode last night. I'm already hooked.
    I haven't seen the series yet, but I really want to (I don't have Starz, and I haven't checked to see if it's on Hulu yet).
    hehehe. oh, we're as hardcore as they come.
    im so fucking hardcore that i JUST woke up. its almost 5pm. long story.

    yeah, the grey suit was actually a turning point in my life. granted, it wasnt really MY decision to pick grey and wear it. but symbolically, yeah, set the stage. i felt like a stormy, grey cloud thats in the middle of all the white ones.
    Answer: Because staring means that you expect something from said person, expect acknowledgement or respect, even if said person does not expect anything from, acknowledge, or respect you, or that you are being territorial, or that you find said person amusing, even if said person is not trying to be amusing, or that you admire said person, even if said person does not want to be admired. And most of all, wanting eye contact means that you want to manipulate said person to your own benefit. People who stare at me, or stare into my eyes, will get shit-listed, because they are trying to access my space with their own selfish urges. The most cunning manipulative selfish indignant disgusting people of all are women who act shy but have no problem staring at me or into my eyes.

    is there something wrong with me that i put on rebecca black at least every 3 days or so???

    there must be some kinda subliminal message in there. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ....help me.
    I only ever watched like two episodes of She-Ra but that makes sense as to us both being unsure. Also the sound quality on a lot of the old eps isn't exactly stellar hah.
    lol it's an honest mistake. I thought it might have actually been greystone before I googled it.
    :D I'm becoming an addict, which I find unacceptable, but I'll be back, and I'm not leaving, yet. thank you for your concern, you are very sweet. It makes me sad when members go off the grid, as well, but I understand the necessity. :*
    Haha no =( I will though, mark my words.

    I got Wipeout HD through the Welcome Back program on PSN and I played that over the weekend. Been a fan of those games for a long time.
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