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  • You think I'm a J, but ENFP fits me very very well. As does ENFJ. While they are both ENF, they have completely different functions. Hmmm.....
    I can not express how much I adore your apartment! I love when things are beautiful and practical. You are a very talented designer ^.^
    Why would you ever want to learn dutch 0.oooo that's soo weird~ I mean I mean~ eeehhh I have such bad memories learning dutch~~ but that's just me~ BUT it is quite a funny language :p. Dutch people are always like "Sorry hoor" "Ja hoor" "nee hoor" "jawel hoor" (hoor sounds like whore in english) and that aaalways made me laugh so hard and then people would like stare at me totally confused. Have you by any chance also tried to learn Japanese? I mean that would be tOtAlly weirds :0 Nihongo shaberemasuka? kedone sonnakoto kankeenaikara chigau koto shaberemashouuu~~ :D But languages are SO not my thing... which is totally ironic. Okay... Hmmm wait let me resay that.... French and German are SO not my thing! I don't know... you have to explain to me what the attraction could be to learn another language~ What motivates you 0.o? Wouldn't it be easier to just move to that country and learn it through osmosis?
    Yeah, a discussion about communication would be worthwhile.
    We need to learn how to exist with each other without fighting.
    If we can't do it, how can we expect others to do the same.
    We act the way we do because of our education, our training.
    I think we would not be so petty and lame if we expected more from ourselves.
    they be ignorant. i bet they use their teeth and shit and chomp down on em :|

    i swear i posted it, but something must have gone wrong. the gif is excellent, i hope you don't mind me using it as my avatar?
    did you get my thank you message? i thought i wrote it. but in case not thank you for the awesome gif.
    Hey I saw your signature: how did you get those results? I have always seen the Jung traits as Ni Fe Ti Se for INFJ. I didn't know there were variants. :) Would be cool to know.
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