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  • I concur, the media is a major factor in contributing to the corrupted information presented to the public. Though, that is considering the few people that even care to watch or read things provided by such networks (e. g., the communist news network- CNN ... hem hem, I mean ... I don't think that is what it stands for ... but it should be ...). And yes, I have tested as a type 5, but to be completely honest I am not entirely sure what that means, I have not done much research into it. When I took the test the description did fit me quite well though. I can't help but get into discussions about politics, religion, and philosophy with people, just happens I guess?
    Hmm, way to go you. I'm a poor college student ... but I'm there in spirit ;). I think I was 'awakened' before I listened to what they had to say but it is true, it has helped many come to know the 'truth' of the happenings in our government. Sadly, a lot of people just do not care. Even if I lay out the facts, even if I show them sources, even if I speak of the ills and repercussions ... if it doesn't 'seem' to 'directly' affect them at the moment they ... don't care. -.-
    :D I have only listened to a couple podcasts of NoAgenda but am familiar with some of the terminology. I occasionally listen to Alex Jones ... but have been busy lately ... how about you?
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