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Your Manifesto

Hehehe! You'll never get it back, arby! It's MINE!

My philosophy in life is simple. First, I don't think life has to have a purpose. It just is. With that being said, life is what you make of it. Do what makes you happy--strive to make a difference. Leave this planet having done something to impact it in a good way and you're good.
Lol! I think it's becoming a global, world-wide phenomenon... :D:m155:
I would consider myself a Catholic Existentialist Humanist. Put simply: I believe in a personal God who shapes and guides the universe, and that following Him is done best through the two commandments of Love (of God and thy Neighbor). I believe that human beings have free will, and that our choices are of the utmost importance, even if all things are predetermined. And I believe that mankind has intrinsic value, and every member of the race is precious and must be cultivated toward his or her full potential.