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Worst 911 dispatcher ever...


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May 11, 2008
I hope that officer was sent to prison. He was the cause of aid being delayed to someone in an emergency, possibly the cause of that mans death had he died.
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I just saw that. Pathetic. But that's what you get in a police state.
Good grief, if someone's panicking of course they're going to swear. He really didn't help the situation by being abusive to her either. There's no excuse wither for the amount of time he took to transfer the call. :(
After investigating Iredale's death, Milovanovich said the call system had failed the teenager because operators were too rigidly preoccupied with getting an address for sending an ambulance.
Operators lacked empathy and ignored clear signs of distress in Iredale's voice.
"The relentless focus of all the call takers in further attempting to establish an address or precise location having regard to the nature of the calls was astonishing," Milovanovich said in his report, released Thursday.

Here in Australia a young man died of dehydration, after three phone calls to emergency services got nowhere because he couldn't answer some of the questions on a standard form.

See a brief article: http://www.philly.com/philly/wires/...traliareviewsemergencycallsafterteendies.html
... the dispatcher didn't have to put up with that kind of verbal abuse...

... she was clearly out of line...

... j/king btw... lol...
Triangulation would seem to be the key there. Find the mobile phone, and act on it.
Wow that is upsetting. I don't get people sometimes. How could a 911 operator be that defensive against bad language? That is how many people talk when upset. He even used bad language back at her. I'm glad it got media coverage, but also don't understand the two-week suspension. Getting fired seems a minimal response to that offense. That operator seems to just mirror negative emotion and that makes zero sense to keep such a person in that line of work. He should have a job that does not involve people - especially people at risk. If he did that to her, he must cross similar boundaries on a regular basis. It wasn't the kind of offense that suggests it is an anomaly. In indicates a regular pattern of behavior.
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I'm not surprised. In either the responses given by the dispatcher or the punishment received. *shakes head*
Maybe the officer wasn't having a good day. You heard it, he had good recommendations as well as positive performance on his job. We haven't heard the issue from the officer's point of view. He probably refused to talk to the media due to the fact that there would be nothing rational to say and no one would understand his behavior. However that being said, he should watch what he says regardless of what he was going through, human lives depend on him for crying out loud!