Which types are the most favoured?

ESFPs...well in social situations anyway,born entertainers,people tend to flock to them,always up for a laugh....yet this seems to be the way in ireland,the more extroverted the better!i think im also(a bit unfortunately)attracted to them the most(cheeky grins and sparkling eyes,charismatic,my magnets what can i do?!)
in a more serious situation or for dilemma solving infjs or esfjs people who will take the time to care and look after others.
intjs are fascinating but infuriating
The societies I experienced in Indiana growing up, and again in Oklahoma favored the ESFJ of both sexes and ESTJ males well above any other in the workplace. Socially the ESFP of either sex was the favored type, with the ESXJs right up there as well. ISXJ females and ESTP males are never unpopular in either culture as well.

Here in Alaska I choose to hang around a much different crowd then the "dominant" culture, as I now realize I have the choice to stray away from the exceptionally non-self aware and developmental hindering of the SJ culture. In the culture I associate with now the favored types are pretty much anyone focused on self development. The culture I'm in now recognizes the different talents of different people, and considers them all valid and worth developing. Unfortunately, the culture is heavily dominated by intuitives, although I have met a handful of SJs (and oddly no SPs) interested as well.

Which, as a tangent, makes me seriously wonder if the underdevelopment of our culture is caused largely (although doubtfully exclusively) by the dominant sensor-based mindset. In my experiences intuitives, by population percentage especially, are vastly more interested in self-development. It's just a notable thought though, I'm not making any accusations. :)

I think a lot of it is SJ/ SP's are focused so much externally.

And I agree with your other statements.