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Where does the Idealist temperament come from?


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Jan 11, 2009
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What conditions create the Idealist temperament?

Have any pet theories?

Or, thinking about yourself, what in your upbringing shaped the motivations and priorities you have?
It comes from another dimension, a sick and twisted one...
Well it helps that both of my parents are NF's.

And you know I think the fact that I was isolated as a kid amplified some of my NF-y characteristics. And the fact that I grew up around intuitives

In conclusion...ramble...ramble...ramble
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I think for me, it comes from seeing the big picture, and everyone's sides within it.

If I had the chance to rule the world, I idealistically believe that I could run it with love, try and encourage others to do the same, thus have less conflict and more harmony...

ridiculously idealistic indeed ;)
an overly-developed frontal cortex :p
A really bad acid trip? Or maybe a really good one...
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