When present becomes past


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I am right in the middle of graduating in which Friday is the finale. So today we had a bbq today; me, my class and our teachers. It was very touching and nostalgic as we went over the past years together.

Furthermore I now have this anxiety, an almost sickness as 'we' are about end and go different ways. And strangely it feels similar to that of fearing death, just not as strong. Really why can't we just live together forever and be happy. It is so extremely sad and I am dying in agony :(

What I'm getting at is how does one proceed with life when what has come to be known as life suddently ends and worst of all how does one deal with the fact that the present has solely become a memory from the past?
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There are always new beginnings. Besides, what's the point in being afraid of the inevitable? Things change. There's a lot to look forward to if you change your outlook. You meet new people and have new experiences and learn new things.

Maybe focus on going to college and coming to America like you say you'd love to do. Those good things you plan for can't happen until you finish this phase of your life. It doesn't mean you have to be cold about it.. But remember all of this fondly and keep in touch with your friends.. but work on your goals too.
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I'm sorry to hear graduation is causing you to feel this way, love! I can relate to you on this unfortunately and looking back, I realize that by letting go of my resentment for change, I ended up focusing quite a bit on myself and learning to embrace my new freedoms properly. You are no longer following set standards or outlines but able to build your own schedule 100%!

You're about to embark on such a fantastic journey!

But what you're likely feeling is grief over a loss and I can only tell you to remember that "this too shall pass." :m032:
You have to live in the moment! Find happiness and enjoyment in all of your surroundings and you will be happy. It's hard to think of letting things go but the feeling is natural and normal.

Think back in your life to anything that has ended and you might realize something. You are still here and the people you love are still here. Moving on is hard when you are nearing the end but once you've reached it you get so caught up in the new beginning that all you have time for is enjoying the memories, not missing them.

I like to think of life as a mountain chain. When you're at the bottom of a stage in life looking up it seems impossible but once you start taking the first few steps you realize you've climbed countless mountains before. Soon you get so caught up in the mountain you're on and the terrain that is surrounding you that the previous mountains are but distant memories. You remember the good times and forget most of the bad. Sure, parts of the climb may be tough, but you've climbed before and you can climb again. When you get to the top of the mountain (stage of life you're in, in case I lost anyone in the metaphor) you are either awestruck by the beautiful landscape around you or intimidated by the mountains ahead of you. Of course if you look behind yourself you can see the countless mountains and struggles you have already climbed and prevailed over.

the decent down the mountain (end of the stage in life) seems to be the toughest. You get caught up in memories and missing the mountain you just climbed. The end is coming near. It's hard sometimes to keep moving but time stops for no one, no matter how much you wish it would.

Keep your head high and know that you can conquer any mountain, big or small, that life throws at you.
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