What are you watching right now? | INFJ Forum

What are you watching right now?

Venture brothers, but not exactly "watching". I am doing an ochem problem set, and listning to music. The TV is on mute.
The first Lord of the Rings movie.
My eyelids close.
I am watching my computer monitor. Gotta take Mr. Sunshine to school in a half hour. Curse half Day Kindergarten!
All of you. Very closely.

Rurouni Kenshin.
Mysterious Island
6 am and watching Thomas the Train, however unwillingly, with my son.

Gawd I wanna go back to bed.
The Dark Knight
ooh la la, the dark night

i am watching my window. it's a pretty, breezy sunny dayyyyyyyy.
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.
My best friend has got me hooked on this new Korean drama

Full House starring Bi. I'm a sucker for Korean dramas...
Loser <.<