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May 23, 2008
Wife 'set sleeping husband's genitals alight with metho'

AN Unley woman set fire to her husband's genitals while he slept, leaving him with burns to 85 percent of his body, prosecutors will allege.

Rajini Narayan, 44, appeared briefly in Adelaide Magistrates Court this afternoon charged over the fire at her family's two-storey home on Cleland Ave at about 5.30am yesterday.

The fire left Satish Narayan with terrible burns and prosecutor Senior Sergeant Bruce Faehrmann said the injuries could prove fatal.

"(Mr Narayan) was set on fire ... his condition has deteriorated to the extent that he has 85 percent burns," he said.

"It is possible that he may not survive so the charges may be reviewed."

The Advertiser understands that police will allege Narayan applied methylated spirits to her husband's genitals as he slept then set fire to him.

Mr Narayan is believed to have knocked over the bottle of methylated spirits as he rose from the bed, sparking the major blaze.

Narayan is charged with one count of aggravated causing harm with intent, arson and three counts of acts to endanger life.

If Mr Narayan dies, the Director of Public Prosecutions is likely to issue charges of manslaughter or murder.

Narayan and the couple's three children managed to escape the blaze and Mr Narayan was treated by an off-duty nurse before being rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Narayan spoke briefly with her lawyer Michael Dadds before the hearing and stood with her back turned to the court.

She made no application for bail and was remanded in custody to appear in court in January.

A number of family members were in court for today's hearing but made no comment as they left.

Mr Narayan is listed as being in a critical condition.

A little funny to imagine till you realise how serious it is, than it's just disturbing.
Since the fire originated in the genital area, and it was arson, I think we can probably guess within a fairly limited pool of reasons.
derangement, cheating, jealousy, money issues, fear

cheating I can understand.
Don't forget sexual abuse.
I’d put it down to she’s some kind of loonie or thinking he’s cheating... most probably a combination of the two.
Hmm, good point Zen.
That was my first thought, unfortunately. Especially with children in the house :(

Setting someone's genitals afire (rather than say, poisoning them, shooting them, stabbing them, or similar kinds of attack to their "whole" person rather than one piece of them) sends a pretty direct message.
normally i'm against attacks to the genitals. i must be becoming colder
As an example:

In fact, by severing her husband’s penis, Lorena Bobbitt was acting out a fairly normal response to a completely abnormal situation, a pattern common to sufferers of long-term physical and sexual abuse. Long-term abuse is so traumatic that it creates a situation (especially in the closed environment of a marriage) in which what is conventionally considered normal no longer exists. Lorena Bobbitt’s world had been disordered as a result of her husband’s abuse, and in such an aberrant situation, some form of violent retaliation is not a particularly strange response. Of all the women now in prison for violent crimes (less than ten percent of the entire female prison population) ninety-nine percent were convicted of a crime committed against a batterer. And to choose a penis as the locus for this retaliation is not so odd, since that was the weapon with which much of the violence against Lorena Bobbitt was perpetrated.
Flatulence leads to knife fight in Waco

01:46 PM CDT on Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Associated Press

WACO — Waco police say a fight over flatulence left one man stabbed and another facing an assault charge.

A statement Wednesday says police were called to a motel where several men from the Houston area were sharing a room.

Police say 35-year-old Juan Antonio Salano Castellano allegedly passed gas in the room Tuesday night.

Police say one of the other men became upset, picked up a knife and threw it at Castellano, who was cut in the leg. The suspect is accused of then stabbing Catellano in the chest.

Castellano was transported to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, where police say he was treated for non-life threatening wounds.

The alleged attacker was arrested and faces an aggravated assault charge.
Sad, but...:m146:
Sometimes farts smell so disgusting that they are worth killing over.
*crosses legs tightly*


Although that flatulence one was pretty funny...
So much for my dinner tonight of tacos and salsa, baked beans and beer.:m080: