Permanent Fixture
Dec 19, 2008
he he he he:m066: hehehehe

At first I thought INFJs are the weak people of the MBTI world
I thought we were the losers, the :m204:freaks, the :m196:abused, the ones trampled on, the :m104:misunderstood,, etcc etc etc...
then now observing my actions and what i do, what i say, how i act, how i socialize, and also observing the posts here,
for me, i think we're the ones who LOOK:m029: kinda tough, :m067:arrogant, and mysterious :m182:to others and we're the ones who appear care free to those who don't know us.

but IN REALITY.... when we're with ourselves, we're INFJs bwahahhahaha we're the :m192: emo people or people who think deep and often feel misunderstood.:m169:

like my classmates ask me to demonstrate things in front of the class and etc because they say that i am never shy.. but in my head i'm like "OMG!! what am I going to do!?!?!?!"

is it just me????? :m130: or did you notice this too!??!!?
Excellent use of smilies, and I agree :)
are monkeys:m130: considered smileys? ahahaha it's boring:m038: without them they're cute!!!

smileys are boring-er than monkeys!!!:mlove2:
I'm kinda confused at your post. You described a bunch of non weak attributes and said that is only how you appear, but the title says that INFJs are not weak. Well I dont get it.

I am lucky my brain did not explode <3
I know I'm a strong person based on my track record of decisions and ability to navigate life.

There are few blustery, bravado, tough images that are convincing to me. More often than not I can see through the people who act tough or try to intimidate. It's not always particularly subtle where their weaknesses lie. Because I look at people's core, it is easy to see that I don't particularly fall into the "weak" category. People who only look at externals see it differently, and that's okay.
I can feel so strong and so weak at the same time it often makes my head spin.
I lol'ed all the way with this post...and yes I have an evil side hidden deep inside of me..Oh noez :m058:
I was expecting you to say you did something really sinister, like punched a baby or stole an ENTP's lunch money. I'm disappointed.

I love they way you talk!! and think! GO INFJ'S The new bullies of the MTBI world! :m171: