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Sep 15, 2009


All I wanted to do was record me singing a verse and chorus and then chipmunk it (increase speed 100%). It appears they've removed functionality.
That little app was the only native program on Windows that made the OS any good.
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I. HATE. IT. is it so much to ask for the ability to record Mix Out? really? It's just about the simplest programming thing you could do. no messing with extra devices like speakers and mics. No X=Y. how f**kin hard is that? huh. but no. there's not a bloody thing on this computer that can do that. Vista's interpretation of the sound card t that the mics or mic jack are the only possible things for sound to come from. Not even non-native programs (GoldWave) can do it. GAAHHHHH!

...i want ubuntu...but i'm not good enough to install it myself apparently...
my goal is to record the mix out, meaning whats coming out the speakers, before it come out. Is that what the USB thing does? If it does, 1) thats bloody awesome 2) where I can I get one.
If you have the soundfile and you want to edit parts out of it(or in to it), Audacity works fairly well. Not sure on Vista compatibility, but I used it a few times to remove the empty sound areas right before hidden tracks on cd's I've ripped.

It's a pretty neat program, that supports recording directly from it. Also, it does have a speedup or slow down option as well as many other effects you can do to the sound. If you want the chipmunk voice effect, I'd recommend changing pitches.

Hope that helps!
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I second the recommendation of Audacity.
I'll have to download Audacity. I just downloaded LoopyFruits Studio, but it won't let me record through my logitech microphone.
Audacity is a awesome for a free multitrack audio editor. You can record and edit different 'layers' of the song much like high end software like acid pro and FL Studio. I have some musician friends and i've used audacity to produce music for them.

If you don't mind paying for software or dealing with shareware nags then goldwave is a little better for single-track recording (like when recording voiceovers) since it is designed for that and has better filters than audacity.
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