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Typing Disney


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Aug 15, 2009
A while back I had lots of fun typing some of the Disney movies and I thought I would share:

Mulan: ESTJ
Little Mermaid: ENTJ (?)
Sleeping Beauty: ISFJ
Aladdin: ENFP
Lion King:ESFJ
Beauty and the Beast: XNFJ

My favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas which is the one I'm having the hard time typing. After that I'd say Mulan, Sleeping Beauty (which I think is such a cute movie :)] and Beauty and the Beast. But really I love them all enormously. The Lion King is really great too now that I think about it. . . .=p I'm such a sucker for Disney Movies but then who isn't. They be heartwarmin' genuis!
Typing movies instead of characters?
Pocahontas, I think she is EXFP. I can't tell for S versus N. She is an ENFJ though if you take her songs as part of her personality.

I'm confused though. You seem to be typing movies instead of characters within the movie, so I don't know who you are typing.

Another thing to take into account is that movie characters might not have complete personalities. I'm also having a hard time typing any of the disney characters because it has been so long since I've seen those movies.

Belle- strikes me as INTP

Mulan def is ESTJ, but she is my favorite.

I better stop before I attempt to type everyone. Notice how hard it is though to type the prince charmings in most movies. Those guys don't have much in the way of personalities, except maybe in Shreck.
Yeah, the thing is, Disney movies aren't personality films, their plot films. The characters exist to carry out the plot, and so they are developed to accomodate the plot. Whereas, with more complex movie series like LOTR or HP, the films go on for so long that it's an equal mixture of personality and plot.
Idk I sort of feel like you can type the personality of disney films because even though a movie is the product of a lot of people's hard work with the animation and everything, I feel like it the directors' visions ultimately do come across. So if these movies are largely one person's vision then its like they are made by and for one personality type, right? . . . maybe?
Also I've had conversations with some of my friends about which is their favorite disney movie and the type of my friends tends to corespond to the typings I've given these Disney movies. Does you type correspond to the type I've given your favorite disney movie? if its one of the one's up there that is . . . I'm really curious to see if they do :)
my favourite disney movie is either TLM or BatB.

Belle is either an INFP or INTP.
Yes, I agree with Slant. Are you typing the princesses/main characters, or the movies?

Anyways, I suppose I agree with the above. I never really thought of Jasmine as an INFJ, but perhaps I just to go back and watch the movie. I'm not sure if I'd fall for a guy like Aladdin...who may very well be an ENTP...hmm...

Mulan as ESTJ? Hmm, okay.
Ariel is almost always typed as ENFP. I agree with this because I express extreme ENFP tendencies, even now.
I get ENF vibes from Pocahontas. She was pretty firm about her decisions to love someone who was pretty much off limits. She had this intuition that he wasn't bad despite the fact that he was one of the europeans. F because it was a little risky of her to be with him, but she looooved him
I'm not sure on the P and J bit. Compared to her friend, definately P. I have no clue, now.
Quasimodo would probably be ISFJ

I'm so glad there is finally a thread for this!
Why is Jasmine an INFJ again?
Gaston...what an ego!
If I were Belle I would've done the same thing.
He's so cruel and always basks in undeserved glory!

Ok well that's my take on it anyways.
This thread is making me laugh so hard. Sorry, I have no contribution whatsoever.
I"m sorry for my vague post.

In saying "the same thing" I meant snubbing Gaston.

On a figurative level, the beast is more of a symbol of the rotten nature of the prince before he is transformed by Belle's love. Funny point, though.

type her.