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[ENTJ] Type Me: A Challenge

What type is Pin most likely to be based on his post history?

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"Magnificent Bastard" / Ren's Counterpart
Jun 26, 2017
3w4, 3-8-7

I have a challenge for you. Assuming you didn't know what type I was, I want you to type me based on my post history.

1) The post you quote can't have the type "ENTJ" in it.

2) The subject matter of the post can't refer to cognitive functions.


Go! Let the quotes begin.
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I might try and plumb the forum for some quotes later, but in the meantime I'll just say: ENTJ!

In your posts your most visible functions are Te and Se, but Ni is implied throughout as well. Introverted feeling comes across in your poetry, as well as when you're tipsy.

You want to shape and utilise your environment (Te) over the long term (Ni) to attain status (Se) and realise your goal to solve the world's ills (Fi).


And quite a healthy one, I should say.
Assuming you didn't know what type I was, I want you to type me based on my post history.

To address the question of Deciding if you're ENTJ, or ENFJ based on your post history ... I think your heart has gone soft on us Emporer Pin. ♡
I'll post a quote when I come across one.
I suck at typing, but these are my impressions of you:

There must be hundreds of posts here where you talk about your ambitions and you have a plan. Maybe that's just stereotypically ENTJ. But you've got the "TJ ten year plan down lol." You also seem very principled or to have strong convictions that guide you. I just always got an Fi vibe from you.

But where maybe you seem to not fit is you are very emotionally mature for someone so young (I'm guessing early 20s? Just based on some things I've gleaned that you shared.) I'm sure you could wreck people in an argument or debate because you're obviously very intelligent, but even when someone has been rude to you, you seem to know you're better off not engaging like that or that it's not worth it. You are quick to disarm tension like that.. but I don't think that necessarily makes you a feeler. So I would agree with @Ren. Likely a well developed ENTJ.
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but even when someone has been rude to you, you seem to know you're better off not engaging like that or that it's not worth it.

Yeah, that's something that's always struck me, too. If anything I think it's the surest sign of Te-domness.
@Pin I'd have gone with the usual if I was just going cold at it. The only way I think you could be other than already widely recognised is if you are presenting a very well crafted persona that you are using to drive your ambitions. Maybe the amplified way you project your life plan in the forum is a kind of psychological war dance that allows you to put on the head-dress of a type that fits most closely where you want to direct yourself. This isn't as impossible as it sounds because one of the most effective senior planning managers I knew was as extreme a perceiver as I've come across - but he could put on the clothes of detailed planning and structuring when he needed to. His strength was that he wasn't locked in to his plan but could adapt them without any fuss in the face of the unexpected, but he was much older than you are.

What I see in the way you come across here in the forum is that you have very strong inner values and these are very important to you in how you follow your life plan. You are very smooth and practiced in the way you use these too, there's none of the clumsiness and inappropriateness that I'd expect with inferior feeling.

This is why I've suggested an alternative type, ENTP, as a straw man to play with, just to stretch the boundaries a bit.
Me? Jim Halpert! No way.:laughing:
Lol there’s a lot of range within each type so don’t get blindsided by a particular icon.

But this is just to try and shake the bottle a bit to see if it falls out differently. I do think you should pay attention to your values when thinking about type - there's competent feeling attached to them.
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This is why I've suggested an alternative type, ENTP, as a straw man to play with, just to stretch the boundaries a bit.

ENTP is an interesting suggestion. I think that Pin would have given us a glimpse of his Ti if he was one, though.
ENTP is an interesting suggestion. I think that Pin would have given us a glimpse of his Ti if he was one, though.
It’s hard to see a clear alternative to the one we all know and love - inferior Fi is the main objection. Tertiary Fi would make sense but that means I not E which doesn’t.
Tertiary Fi would make sense but that means I not E which doesn’t.

Intuitively, @Pin feels like an introvert, which is generally the vibe of ENTJs according to a lot of INFJs.
Which is why he kind of appears introverted. But IRL he probably has a bit more extroverted energy, especially in the work realm.
He also navigates with Ni, and is very obviously a strong Te user, instinctively.
So TeNi already makes sense and that's all you gotta really consider.
Intuitively, @Pin feels like an introvert, which is generally the vibe of ENTJs according to a lot of INFJs.
Which is why he kind of appears introverted. But IRL he probably has a bit more extroverted energy, especially in the work realm.
He also navigates with Ni, and is very obviously a strong Te user, instinctively.
So TeNi already makes sense and that's all you gotta really consider.
Yes, that's the well trodden path and it's hard to see a realistic alternative. My thoughts were a bit of perturbation testing around values to see if it went anywhere. I can't see INTJ for example - he's not at all like the ones I know and introvert is definitely wrong . ENTP is a way to let in some tertiary F but it's the wrong way up on everything really.
Ain't gonna surpass you,
Sass you, outclass you, harass you,
Need for you, plead for you, bleed for you,
All I'd truly love to do,
Is just be best pals with you.

Go Away
Step away from my balcony,
Leave my world alone.
I'm not your lover-boy, babe.
My house is not a home.

Walk slowly from the cliff, babe.
Walk gently near the street.
I'm not your lover-boy babe,
We'll never again meet.


The dude staring back would do anything he's tasked.
As for being paid, he just plain wouldn't ask.

It'll take a lady to break that glass.

The sky is filled with bandits, and the sea is without care.
There's nothing to preserve and there is no goodness there.

It'll take a lady to break that glass.

Would there be? Could there be?

Like the grime in the city street,
Every person who you meet,
Is being swept by.

Like a man who's lost his love,
Begs for favors from God above,
Is going to cry.

Like the girl whose pretty face,
Puts her in everyone's good grace,
Is living a lie.

Would there be,
Could there be,
A reply?

Our chit-chat,
Quick and plain.
It really made me,
Feel great strain.

You're in an ocean,
I'm not at sea.

Dream (repost)

Oh my shining star,
I won't say I love you but there's no one above you.
A dream on two legs with a dreamer who begs.

Oh my shining star,
I expect a dismissal, for my plans are abysmal.
A typical angle, what a beautiful angel.

Oh my shining star,
I wish you the best, for I'm only impressed.
A radiant beauty with the most noble duty.

For A Beautiful Lady (repost)

Lady free in the morning light.
Lady bored in the winter night.
Lady freest in the afternoon.

Lady across the sky above.
Lady known but gets no love.
Could it be we'll know her soon?

Lady resting in the park.
Lady rests in day and dark.
Lady walks and does not run.

Lady looks so sweet and nice,
But in her heart she's cold as ice.
Could it be she's had no fun?

Lady loved at every hour,
Never knew her social power.
A laurel and a bejeweled throne,
Lady left out on her own.

Lady passed by strangers sly,
Lady subject for all eyes.
Could it be they'll walk by again?

Regret (repost)

Almost a weather man,
Almost a chef.

Almost your lover,
Almost went deaf.

Almost a fruit-fly,
Almost a watch.

Stout as a teapot,
Bitter as a scotch.

I should be by you now.
I could or would be anyhow.

Almost your rock,
Almost your pet.

Almost was near,
Almost was more.

Almost your monument,
Almost your friend.

An entire life with you,
Almost was the end.

Almost true.
Almost through.

Almost regret.
Almost regret.

No Response (repost)

Summer left,
Humidity fell down.
Fall stole Summer's crown.

I was met with nonchalance,
I was met with no response.

The blue disappeared and masses got home,
I was left in the streets to die alone.

Like a Fat Woman's Groan:

When your baby son looks down on you from the summer sky,
And you lose your car keys and for awhile don't yet learn why.
Don't you act like a critic when you're passing strangers by.
Those stunning ladies, you'll find, can actually be quite shy.

If Mom Mary notices you, take a stop to rest and appreciate.
I can't feel my legs, they're being crushed by excruciating weight.
I'm too weak to swipe right and try to get myself another date,
Eros isn't here to help me, and he's not giving me a clean slate.

Nice Jasmine, her countrymen consider her spring's flower,
She's good with her gestures and invites you up for joy this hour.
You're such a good person that you reluctantly become sour,
Later on that day, you're alone screaming loud in the shower.

In section 8 housing it's either lose or win,
You choose between the two and it all takes the head for a spin.
If you plan to get freedom, you can't dare touch a drop of the gin,
Cause the police get so depraved, they're auctioning away human skin.

The elites move around like a dancer with their hair on fire.
They count their dollars as they make evil transpire,
To move around their henchmen like chessboard squires,
Who look powerful initially but remember they're just for hire.

The people said they'd stick by me as soon as things got hard,
But it was a joke because they're over 21 with Blackjack's card.
I'm headed out of Los Angeles, I feel my face is scarred.

Woman from Pride Rock:

In the morning, when you cried upstairs
I texted you
Just to show I could evaporate your cares.

On the drive, your mom was sad
And all the pain you didn't need
I blew a kiss to you

When you made me frown
When you turned me down
I saw you reading manga

Thursday night we went to that house
We held hands
And I got to feel your blouse

The morning after, you lost you breath
When you woke to the news
Of your grandma's death


One afternoon up was the sun,
I was faithful as a priest
Hoping you'd remain the same,
That you'd dream of me at least.

Your folks didn't believe in fate,
Thought that it was fluff.
Never enjoyed motorbikes,
No praise for that stuff.

And I was staring at my phone,
Legs about to give out.
Headed where the need is most,
God knows I'd need the clout.

You were free when I saw you first,
Eventually got caged.
I did my best to keep you pleased,
Gave you what you craved.

We tried everything that came to mind,
Stopped thinking for a sec.
Departed on the cloudy night,
That we bit upon the neck.

Mushy Ventriloquist

Puppet come dance to a song,
Puppet knows no right or wrong.

Here's a string that makes you walk,
Here's a string that makes you talk.

This time I will let you be,
This time I will set you free.

Jealous Company:

You hit me like a brick,
You call yourself my buddy.
When I felt regret
You laughed at my sinning.

You hit me like a brick,
As if you want me bloody.
You just want control
Because your ice is thinning.

You saw me skip town,
Cause it's exactly how it looks.
If you want a friend,
Why don't you seek it?

You saw a big mistake,
But no need for gossip books.
You can't shut your mouth,
A friend you are unfit.

I know exactly why
You stab me in the back.
I took all the spotlight
That you wanted.

You must take me for dumb
To think I wouldn't face the fact.
You couldn't tolerate my
Confidence unflaunted.

My Son:

I see myself in you,
Ambitious as the roaring sea.
But what is there to do,
Than become who you want to be.

The Founding of Democracy

As grace through heroes often skis,
The Son of God in Pericles.
Marches on a sordid street,
The savior of our land was sweet.

Aspasia also did warm me,
Embrace came with much clemency.
She warmed me, she warmed me,
With her love so soft and sweet.

Handmaid Red, Handmaid Blue

The war's end was met with words of bitterness and defeat.
The men came home in agony and many wives were widowed.
Dads died in battle and sons fell dead from heat.

The hand strikes again as the bodies were scattered.
Prayers were said for sons and fathers.
The hand strikes again as if the last time never mattered.

He said, "You lost your father in the same battle I lost mine.
I can't remove my eyes from you. All of this talk of death does not serve my cause.
My blood does not move for the Leviathan, it moves for you."

She said, "Your concupisence revolts me and your language fills me with disdain.
You seek a Messalina, not a Mary!"

He leered, "A Messalina in your life, a Mary in your dying breath!"

The hand strikes again.


In blows the wind.
Put on your favorite coat
And find the friend that's yours.
You become you,
Your hands run blue.
The rest of you is pink.

I hope you see the best version of me
When I leave you dark with nothing to see.
In the bitterest cold there is no reason why
I'll leave you cold with a frozen goodbye.

When we talk on the phone
You tell me your favorite colors,
The stories you love and their lovers.
I'm reading you,
It's fun to do.

When the wind blows again
We'll take a ride.
We'll walk inside
Like lovers do,
Cause I love you.

There once was a man named @Wyote
Who had quite the feel for coyotes.
No stranger to professional perks,
He'd regularly sing after work,
As his voice was often too throaty.

There once was a philosopher named @Ren
Who was pointlessly arrested again.
He argued quite hard to escape
But @neko caught Ren on tape
When he foiled the plans of John Glenn.

You listen, you understand,
Why do you love me?
Your heart rests in my hand.
The feeling is frightening.

Lift up my arm,
Rest it around you all your life.
Do me no harm,
Hold me closer all my life.

Brightest light,
I yearn for your embrace.
Each day a marvel,
A stepping stone for grace.
I envision the empyrean,
Hidden just behind her face.

I won't leave her for the firmament,
For she is already here.
A place free of punishment,
An absence of fear.

"But already my desire and my will
were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed, by the love which moves the sun and the other stars."
-Paradiso, Canto XXXIII, lines 142-145

It's so surreal my love,
I see you everywhere.
A daily fever dream,
I try hard not to stare.

I hold you close to me,
I feel that dress you wear.
Us holding hand in hand,
Us messing up your hair.

You let me down,
As I shuffle, on my face a frown.
The entire town knows, that we've gotten close.
But I can't find it in me to keep myself composed,
When another has your time.

You move like an angel,
You groove like an angel,
But you falter like a devil would.

Today was quite long,
I flip my shit.
Tomorrow is strong,
I'm over it.

Rich Citizen (Poor Immigrant parody)

I envy the rich citizen
Who often leaves his home
Who uses all his power to do good
And in the end pays back all his loans
That man who plays it safe
And tells truth with every breath
Who passionately loves his life
And likewise, accepts his death

I envy the rich citizen
Whose time is spent well
Whose hell is like a comforter
Whose smiles are like sunshine
Who eats and is satisfied
Who hears and always sees
Who fell in love with life itself
And spends his time on me

I envy the rich citizen
Who floats over the mud
Who fills his mouth with concern
With kindness in his blood
Whose visions in the final end
Must occur as it is fate
I envy the rich citizen
Whose life is simply great

I know I love you,
It isn't easy to say.
I know I love you,
With the passing of each day.

I know I love you,
When you speak to me so clear.
I know I love you,
As I hold you close my dear.

I get so eager
When you smile at me so.
I get so eager
When we let our true love go.

I feel so broken
In my night dreams when we kiss.
I feel so broken
As I learn you don't exist.

I get so happy
As I really see your face.
I get so happy
As our love is a real place.

Baby bird leaped into the sky,
Baby bird flapped but didn't fly,
Baby bird hit the ground and died.

fml right now

Baby bird leaped into the sky.
Baby bird flapped but didn't fly.
Baby bird did not die.

Baby bird caught air.
Baby bird got somewhere.
Baby bird flies everywhere.

American Dry (Parody)

In the very recent past,
There's something I remember,
A joy that invoked a smile.
I instantly seized the chance,
To gain reward past a glance,
A joy I'd feel deeply for awhile.

But one event stabbed my nerves,
Joy now distant in an adjacent curve,
My vision cast aside upon the floor,
I couldn't take it anymore.

It doesn't matter if I cried,
When a battle raged upon inside,
The pain and sorrow multiplied quick,
The instant my joy subsided.

So long euphoric joy,
Got my motorbike to dodge a pike,
The pike is a ploy.
While the others were fooled by decoy,
They left alone a poor boy,
To be without his euphoric joy.

Did joy fly in to us as love?
Was joy sent from heaven above?
Will orange bone-spurs let us know?

Do you have faith in beauty queens?
The power of portable computer screens?
Can you demonstrate happiness as a goal?

I know that joy is joyous too,
Since typing away former blues,
Sweet nothings said as truths,
But sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

I was a confusing cocky undergrad,
With a life of digitized notepads,
I was not Sir Gallahad,
The instant my joy subsided.
I said...

It doesn't matter if I cried,
When a battle raged upon inside,
The pain and sorrow multiplied quick,
The instant my joy subsided.

Now for some time I've had a goal,
To eat from a diamond encrusted bowl,
But that's not how things have always gone.

When the first joker barged his way in,
It was in the year 2000,
We didn't yet have the words to speak.

While the rightful heir was pointing up,
The joker grabbed his Floridan cup,
Nothing meaningful was done,
Rigged victory for a pilot's son.

In nineteen years, the next time around,
While hope and change had hit the ground,
A new joker fumbled upon the stage,
The instant my joy subsided,
I said...

It doesn't matter if I cried,
When a battle raged upon inside,
The pain and sorrow multiplied quick,
The instant my joy subsided.

Met her, left her, pain receptor,
The joy that left my last semester,
Coughing smoke and living fast.

When the last is first and first is last,
We'll work hard now and change the past,
While jokers tremble quite aghast.

The air thickened with great haste,
My mouth left with foggy taste,
The offshore drills, 2020 debate.
Life will probably end up going great,
I said...

It doesn't matter if I cried,
When a battle raged upon inside,
The pain and sorrow multiplied quick,
The instant my joy subsided.

Jesus Told Me

When I see you walking
I have words for talking
You out of misery

The sun is up
I love you more
Drink from a cup
You are adored

I see you out
I always stare
Get through this bout
I always care

The sun is up
I love you more
Drink from a cup
You are adored

Struggling Student

Lying in the dark
She was in the pond
With her senses.

From her time in bed
She had made a friend
Who was way too rude
For her preference

So she climbed the hill
Where the public killed
Since she saw a good man
Die there

But behind the screen
He was tugging strings
Since he had a different

You were like a toy
You were full of joy
When we would take you
Up there

Thinking of you,
Wow, she's coming home
Her feeble floors are made of stone,
Being here is my place to be,
You'll see.

Dream of dreams to make real,
The sun wants you.
Don't forget to do what you must do,
To heal.

Nuclear Nonsense

The clock went cuckoo about twice a day,
The band smelled doo-doo before they would play.
The floor was wet as it was covered in rain,
The man was crying as he was troubled with pain.

Little Laurie Liesenburg thought she saw a Hiesenburg going off behind,
Duck and cover is what she did to keep herself alive,
Trying to avoid an unpleasant green.

It exploded,
The world went to smithereens.

What A Wuss

It looks like joy,
It looks like two,
I just felt sad,
Felt sad for you.

It looks like joy,
It looks like you,
I went away,
Away from view.

Still not over,
Still not over you,
Still looks like joy,
My precious true.

I wanna fly,
I fly so high,
It looks like joy,
When I write for two.

Do I still feel joy?
Do I still feel you?
Do I still feel us?
I always do.

Alternatives to Love

Maybe I'll go walking,
Or standing in the sun.
Maybe I'll get on by
Without trusting anyone.

Amass myself some gold,
Shine that pot of honey.
I got a pot of mold,
Turns out I wasted money.

Maybe I'll go running,
Or dancing in the street.
Maybe I'll go clubbing
And find someone to meet.

You can't just take that,
Ma'am that would be stealing.
On second thought you can,
It's not your fault for the feeling.

Eat my Skin

Oh my,
Don't cry,
Don't lie,
I am.

Oh no,
So slow,
It goes,
God damn!

When we walk down this road together,
Step on my eggshells to lead astray.

Someone New

Whenever it's morning sunlight,
I walk so the bright comes through,
It's not a former light I crave,
It's someone new.


Don't look there,
Look over here.

Look over there,
Don't look here.

Car crash,
Side of the road!

Nobody's here,
Nobody's told!


She smiles like the sun,
Her day today is done,
Walk my way.

She blinks just like the moon,
Her countenance in June,
Made my day.

I am not poised to stare,
I need not risk a scare,
Please please stay.

Part I: (Borrowed Theme)

I knocked on a black door,
Looking for a place to rest,
I was very very sleepy,
Was being put to the test.
I said, "Hey you, hey you,
Is anyone there?"
I was standing outside,
Thought I caused a scare.

Out came a farmer
With a big gun in his hand,
I said, "Don't shoot me please,
I have a birth right to this land."

He cocked his gun and said,
"You're that traveling salesman!"
I said, "No, no, I'm a science major true,
I'm a straight A student,
And I'm still in college too"

Out came his daughter
Whose name was Mercedes,
She was so beautiful,
It got as hot as Hades.

I tried to make her dad laugh
With a joke about his farm,
He asked, "What's the point of this gun
If I can't pull your yarn?
I said, I died last night
And I never owned a barn."

He said, "On one condition
I got a bed for you to rest.
You keep my place clean
And don't touch my daughter's chest"

At night I was dreaming,
On my mind there were ladies.
I got scared shitless,
Cause at night walked in Mercedes.

Her breasts were exposed,
She said "Honey, touch me here"
I said, "No, hell, no."
God struck my heart with fear.

Things were getting awkward
So I knew I had to find some guts
I had to find the right phrase
To drive that farmer nuts.

Somber Sunday,
Sunday Sweet,
Up on Monday,
Monday's feet.

Make my day.

I will stay,

Kiss you how,
Kiss you now,
Like actors in movies.

Stupid You

Love me,
Lose me,

Hug me,
Bruise me,

When she bit on my shoe,
I told her to stop and then she was dead.
As she came back to life,
I kissed her eyeball and then I just left.

It was then that I sneezed,
And she said I'd regret.
Cause nobody kisses for free,
Someone they just met.

I sat there so tame,
I just did not blame,
I totally came.

She dyed her hair soon,
The black hair one June,
That pale afternoon.

So I ate a burrito,
And beat my black drum,
And gentlemanly I gave her my best severed thumb.

She tossed me out,
I cried in the highway,
Where everyone danced.

And after losing my watch,
I knocked on her door.

I stood in her garden and did what I could
With the statue of her engraved in braille
On the porch where she finally stood.

She came out with no watch,
I told her I was confused,
She choked on her tangerine.

She shook like a lover in joy,
As she fell down face blue.

I left a blanket on her,
And bit on her shoe
To try something new.

I was finally through,
I found my watch,
I gave it to you.

You kissed my lips gently,
You loved me quick,
You gave me your time.

I took nothing big,
Don't roll up that cig,
I won't give you my lime.

I'm either under a lot of stress or literally in love.

Open your heart,
I can tell that you know me,
It's quite a good start,
Why didn't you hold me?

Two beautiful eyes.
A cute nose.
A pair of luscious lips.

He leaps.
He soars.

Jesus said to his apostles, "I get killed at one."
Apostles said to Jesus, "Man, that's no fun."
Jesus said, "No."
Apostles said, "Yeah."
Jesus said, "The next time you see me you better pray."
Apostles said, "Jesus where is your death gonna be done?"
Jesus said, "On top of that hill, this afternoon, today."

Muhammad Ali threw one hell of a punch.
Crowd said, "I bet you that you could knock out a bunch."
Muhammad Ali said, "Man, that sounds like fun."
Crowd said, "Ali, you better knock out that one!"

The fifth son was on Tinder looking for a mate.
His fourth brother said, "Man, ain't that just great."
The fifth son said, "I just can't get this done"
His fourth brother said, "Just swipe right there to match with that one."

The most living man:

There was a living man born to to realize,
That his message and his sandals
Were made of more than meets the eyes.

He told her that he loved her,
Kissed her on cheek,
Spoke lightly and claimed to love the meek.

The bucket that she carried was covered in holes,
She tried to drag her bucket through ten degrees of cold.
She faltered but she managed to stay strong.

As the tenements and townsfolk failed to get along,
The water in her bucket was alive,
That man who loved the meek was wise.


We once breathed the same air
And wore the same shoes.
I looked deep in your eyes,
And found a home there.

Your beautiful lips,
Your perfect tight ass,
Your angelic hips.

Woman from Hometown

I've seen love pass me by,
On the ground and in the sky,
Never wore my heart right on my sleeve.

Been falling on my heart too hard,
Tried to be your tender bard,
You're gonna make me cry when you leave.

Drinks of alcohol adorn,
My floors and walls with unkempt scorn,
It always comes my way when I grieve.

But now I'm sober when it's here,
That loving feeling draws you near,
You're gonna make me cry when you leave.

Pink jacket, black laptop,
When you get close my heart just stops,
You can make me sad, Keanu Reeves.

Forgot what I was planning now,
You're on my mind girl anyhow,
You're gonna make me cry when you leave.


Outside Stands The Sucker Loving You

You must go
The frozen snow has almost passed,
The clothes left on the floor might reach my door if you leave fast.
Up there stands our bastard with his knife,
Abandoned all his hope, eternal life.

Moan louder, for the floors shake for a few,
Outside stands the sucker loving you.

The walk to your room is long, don't forget.
Make yourself a map of your regret.
The lustful lion looming overhead,
Is clawing marks intently on your bed.

The heavens laid a path so just walk through,
Outside stands the sucker loving you.

Abandon all ideas of broken mind,
You no longer must stay blue.
Abandon all stragglers,
For they'll abandon you.

The lone musician playing by your door,
Whiffs the scent of you traced from the floor.
Get some rest, the coming day is new.
Outside stands the sucker loving you.

Lola Montez

I did not mean to bore you babe,
Or treat you with respect.
When I saw you laughing there babe,
I thought that it was best.
I did not know that was the end.

Inevitably, eventually,
You did what culture told you to.
Inevitably, eventually,
You'll learn I tried to learn you.

When you said "Marriage is man-made,"
Your jacket covered your lips.
I could not see how you could deny love,
But nod like it exists.

I wore my sun shorts out in the rain,
Your voice was the only thing I heard.
I clearly saw trouble ahead,
And thought to pick that brain.

My love is like the chosen one,
Who dodges Agent Smith.
My love is like Icarus,
Who who fell in ancient myth.

Her love is like flowers,
Bloomed upon the earth.
Her love is like powers,
A politicing curse.

An Extra Time:

An extra time,
To try and win favor.
An extra time,
To poke your sharp razor!

Well, I'm running away,
With a half broken heart.
A deeply sad woman,
Made a worried man.
Just an extra time,
Is all that I ask for!

An extra time,
To spin in your wagon.
An extra time,
For training your dragon!

A woman like you,
I see no-one else,
Babe, you'll have to do.
Just an extra time,
Is all that I ask for!

An extra time,
To flick upon your needle.
An extra time,
To lick down and up feeble!

I'll do it for you.
A lovely woman,
Without a vassal.
I'll flick your needle,
It isn't a hassle!

Just an extra time,
Is all that I ask for.

An extra time,
To yank hard on your floor.
An extra time,
To close your garage door!

Just an extra time,
Is all I ask for.

Genoa, Genoa,
It's been a few weeks.
Genoa, Genoa,
It's been a few weeks.

I've been worried about you darling,
Darling please come home.

I've got a watch that dances,
I've got a watch that reads.
I've got a watch that dances,
I've got a watch that reads.

But I ain't got Genoa,
Life don't mean a thing.

Genoa, Genoa,
Shaking in my brain.
Genoa, Genoa,
Shaking in my brain.

I thought of you babe,
I could not help but cry.


Fuck. I love someone.