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    [ENTJ] Let's talk statistics.

    Some people like to talk about philosophy. Others like to talk about math. I wasn't that interested in math as a kid but statistics is extremely useful if you're looking for a job in today's economy, especially a high paying one. We'll start with z-scores in personal terms. A z-score is just a...
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    [ENTJ] Who is the best ENTJ?

    Me, @SpecialEdition, or @Ren? Maybe @Deleted member 16771? I've been rocking this ENTJ label since the middle of university and these jokers come along and try to take it? Who do they think they are? Trying to start a coup! It's so offensive that I can hardly take it. And in good conscience, I won't...
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    [ISFP] Ruji- an ISFP.

    So our resident genius has confessed to bring an ISFP. That's the opposite function stack as yours truly. Frankly, I think it makes a lot of sense but he unfortunately told me to prove him wrong. There's a difference in the manner in which he and I post, but it's not that simple to put into...
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    [ENTJ] Type Me: A Challenge

    Ok. I have a challenge for you. Assuming you didn't know what type I was, I want you to type me based on my post history. Rules: 1) The post you quote can't have the type "ENTJ" in it. 2) The subject matter of the post can't refer to cognitive functions. Ready... Set... Go! Let the quotes...