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Trust Me....


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Dec 10, 2009
How do you feel about this phrase?

How do you react emotionally and rationally?

I have had big problems with this phrase in the past. Maybe I still do. I think I do. I don't know.
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Me dont trust anymore :mjedirr:
It depends on who is saying it, how they're saying, what context its in, and whether or not I do actually trust this person.

Generally, if I get this from someone I barely know, my shields are all systems go, regardless of the situation. I hate it when people say this so casually: "This is like the best movie you've ever seen, trust me." I don't know why, because intellectually, I know they're trying to convince me to see something relatively inconsequential from their point of view, but I just hate how I associate the phrase with a deceptive quality.

If its a good friend or a boyfriend or a family member, someone I truly do trust, I don't notice it much... unless I "know" they're lying somehow (and I can usually tell). That's when I get upset.
My reaction: putting your trust in people (or not doing it) is always a risk, no matter what anyone thinks. People can mean it when they say "trust me" but still be wrong.

It takes me a long time to trust people, and that has more to do with my willingness to do it and faith in my own ability to handle something if it doesn't work out than with the other person's trustworthiness.
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Actions speak louder than words.
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I dislike it when people use it as a substitute for a valid argument.
I usually have no problems trusting people. Sure, I get burned, but I also find out a lot about people when I put trust in them.

However, if someone is trying to convince me of something, I agree with TLM
I dislike it when people use it as a substitute for a valid argument.
It depends on how much I trust a person.

If some shmuck I don't know says that I probably wont go along with it.

If I know the person and value there judgment I will give them the time of day.

And people don't usually say "trust me" explicitly.
And people don't usually say "trust me" explicitly.

Curious. People who do say it explicitly, what are your thoughts on them?
Was it always this way?

Would you mind discussing the turning point for you, if it was that instead?

No, but words never made a difference. By default I trusted people before.

I think it was when I learned that some people aren't genuinely interested in advancing or focusing on helping each other grow. When I learned that people have agendas beyond helping one another was when I lost my trust and became more cynical/skeptical of others.

I suppose this is the basis of what the loss of innocence is. When you gain the understanding that not everyone is out to advance. In a sense I am still getting over the idea that others aren't right vs me ALL the time.

I still believe in observing and potentially advancing to make a better use of humanity. I realize that not everyone, very few in fact, are interested in that.


give me a valid reason to have to trust that reason and I will trust. Like say, taking care of my laptop while I go to the toilet. If I ask a friend to help to take care of it, Technically speaking, they would not steal it as well, firstly, its a big item and I would notice it missing. Secondly, I asked them so by human nature to some extent, they would help to look out for it. Thirdly, I know them. so if anything goes wrong they can and will be held responsible. thus I can trust them with it and go to the toilet :m114:

as for trusting people when I first meet them, again, it would be depending on situation and the pros and cons so to speak. lets just say that I trusted people before with extremely confidential information about myself and next day the whole school literally knew (well, my level anyway)
It completely depends on the person and in what context they are using it.

If they are pleading and I am being stubborn, then maybe I ought to.

But if they are trying to convince me, then I wont, simple as

It's one of those phrases that's up there with "Well to be honest" or "to tell you the truth"

If someone has to qualify what they saying then it is likely they are full of crap.
When i think of the phrase "trust me", this comes to mind: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! (j/k)

I was a very trusting person, very idealistic, believed in the best of people, and what others told me. Never questioned things, so i was pretty gullible. But when i realized what was happening, i changed my expectations. I'll give people the benefit of the doubt, but as i've mentioned in the manipulation thread, i'll anticipate and prepare myself for the worst so that i don't expect anything or allow myself to feel too disappointed if if i find out they can't be trusted.

If you're reasonably trustworthy, i'll trust you, but what scares me the most is someone who makes you feel so comfortable but the next minute pulls the rug out from under your feet in an instant. When their "trust" is an illusion especially when you've invested so much in them, that's especially difficult.

I think the phrase also suggests that the person who is being reassured may not have the goods to know how to handle a situation themselves, so it becomes an encouragement to let someone else handle it for them. Not a good thing - creates dependence.
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Unless my understanding is flawed, infj means that I present to the world as an individual who comes to conclusions using rational thinking but actually my judgments are the results of an intuitive process. When some one uses the phrase "trust me" in order to convince me that they are right or correct or are working in my best interest, I take that as an invitation to use my intuition. At that point it is simple. I stop weighing the evidence and simply ask my self "do you trust this person in this instance?".
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