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[INFJ] Tri-type is Nonsense


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Jun 6, 2011
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Tri-Type is like betting on three horses out of the nine because you can't figure out which one is right. So it gives you a better chance to be right. But the original enneagram schemata says you can only be one type. Likewise, the notion that your MBTI letters can change over time is garbage. They can't. Myers used the term "handedness," to provide a metaphor. So, if you start using the other hand enough you will change handedness?

There is only one e-number and one MBTI type. Some quacks have changed this to reflect their uncertainty. It's hard typing other people especially if you don't know them and you come at them with all your misperceptions misfiring, as most quacks will. When you see a quack coming, duck.
MBTI is kind of a subjective system, I wouldnt even call it a science... so how can there be a right answer? It sounds vaguely religious.
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Ambidexterity, ftw!

And as people change, so too could their types.
When you click on "ducks" in the tag cloud it leads you to this page

Thats aqesome!

But tri type IS duck crap it makes no sense
You may not "change" your MBTi, but there can be plenty of false indicators along the way; especially if you are still developing your cognition due to age or arrested development, or are underdeveloped or developing functions out of order due to trauma or some other dysfunction: our minds use all the functions to some degree. My point is: your type doesn't change but you may not know what your true type really is until later in life. Cognitive development is a process and MBTi is based on a person's cognitive stack.

As for tritypes--I'm curious to know what lies behind your belief it's an invalid theory?
You mentioned that "the original enneagram schemata says you can only be one type:" what original schemata are you referring to?

I've been reading up on the Enneagram lately and it sounds like this framework has been around for a LONG time and been built upon over many hundreds of years. Also, like cognitive functions, enneagram is about preferences, we have a dominant type, but we also have traits from all 9 types in our personal makeup, in varying degrees.
Myers Briggs types don't change. You're born with yours albeit you can't really fully measure it until age 12 or so. It's innate and that's that. All that upbringing does is develop certain functions more based on the types of the people around you.

Enneagram however can be affected by your upbringing but once it's set it doesn't change. You just integrate or disintegrate. OP: As far as tritype being nonsense and "being unable to decide" I suggest you do your research better, especially Katherine Fauvre's research will show you how you just haven't read the right information regarding tritype.