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Top 25 Crimes of the Century (

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Sep 5, 2009
Top 25 Crimes of the Century in the US (

According to Time Magazine, these are the top 25 crimes in the US of the century.

(Click the links below to learn more about each crime)
Lindbergh Kidnapping
Mona Lisa
Fatty Arbuckle
The Black Dahlia
The Brinks Job
Lana Turner
The Great Train Robbery
Richard Speck
Tate Murders
Patty Hearst
Son of Sam
John Wayne Gacy
Ted Bundy
Art Heist
Jeffrey Dahmer
O.J. Simpson
Barings Bank
The Unabomber
JonBenet Ramsey
Versace Killings
Mary Kay Letourneau
Andrea Yates
The Scream

Agree or Disagree with this list?
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Sorry, should have specified that these were in the US.
A few weren't, though - they referenced the Great Train Robbery and the collapse of that British bank. But some of those crimes *were* distinctly American. I'd put the housing bubble crisis in that list, too because it had such a world wide impact. And that French trader who lost $7.14 billion dollars. BILLION.
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I'd put the election of George Bush up there with the US puppet placing in Iran.
Did you have to go there? Really?

This is the Top 25 crimes of the century, not joyful little misdemeanour's.

The International Crime Spree of Bush Jr is one of the worst things that has happened, not THE WORST, but it's definitely up there.

Iran might have joined us in the 20th century had it not been for the US screwing with their internal politics just so that they could have a leader they wanted.

Add the Kuomintangs actions, and Stalins Genocide too.
Really? I thought with the introduction of PUG/PAX, they were back...
Admins, please either close this thread or delete it because i don't want this thread to become a political discussion.

Thank you.
They completely omitted Nicole Kidman!
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