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To sit or not to sit


Shai Gar

Why men should stand to pee...

Western Europe is abuzz with the latest flare-up in the war between the sexes, and for the moment, the Amazons seem to be winning. If outrage continues to mount, it will soon be not just uncool and politically incorrect for a man to urinate while standing up, but out-and-out ILLEGAL. Yes, the liberated women of France and Germany and Holland have vowed to put their men down
No matter how much you jiggle and dance, the last 3 drops always end up in your pants.


Or, on the floor apparently.
I use toilet paper to soak them up. I don't wear underpants so I'd know immediately if that didn't work.
you don't wear underpants?
Well, I have to say.. that's very um.. interesting.

Though, I do freak out when my brother leaves urine all over the bathroom. (I'm a little bit of a clean freak like my mother)

But going to the toilet in the sink is too much of a disgusting act for me to even comprehend it. I'll rather just clean the floor ..
Going Commando!

I'll do that now and then. It's really very comfortable.
Never wear underpants. It's much less restrictive. Underpants must be designed by women for small boys.
I've never quite understood the underlying purpose.

(no pun intended I swear!)
Ew. I'm for less people sitting their filthy asses on my toilet. As long as the seat gets put back down (NOT the lid too), I'm happy
I've never quite understood the underlying purpose.

(no pun intended I swear!)

hmmmmm...wear underpants so that you don't hurt (zip) yourself?

seriously though, i've never heard of that before. i need more guy friends.
I suppose so that you don't embarrass people who are trying to dack you.
Is this for real? ...........................................................
How do they propose that a guy with an erection take a piss if he is sitting on the toilet?

I don't know about other guys... but there isn't enough room to the front of the bowl for my penis to fit in there when hard, plus it is pointed in a more upward position...

I will stand thank you!