Ti - micro , Te - macro

enfp can be shy

people vs the bad people?
gg FP/TJ

TP/FJ imba

yep, i also type ppl's mbti by how they play starcraft :D

the finals are often INTPs vs ISTPs, but ISTPs tend to win, cuz they click faster; i wish they could make the game more macro... t_t
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I can't play RTS games. I lack the ability to concentrate on what is going on outside the field of vision. If I'm not looking at the elements directly, I have a very hard time remembering to interact with them, which causes my forces to spend a LOT of time sitting around waiting for orders, and eventually getting murdered as they just stand there waiting for me to tell them to fight back... only to be found later in a big dark pile.

My brain just isn't wired for these games. I can't even beat the computer on Easy mode.

Now, an FPS? My brain is set up very well for these. I was once 11th in the world at Counterstrike.
I say gg if it was legit a good game, but I don't know what imba means (never seen anyone say it once, ever actually). I also say gl hf at the beginning of most games.

Not gonna lie, I am terrible at SC2. I was good at SC but thats cause my friend trained me A LOT. He is an INFP and is actually pretty damn good at rts games.

Also what do you mean by micro/macro? You mean the level of micro managing? Idk my brain isn't set up for video games in general. The problem is my brain is not all that flexible/fluid. For SC2 you sort of need to change your plans as you go and I have a hard time doing that. I need a preset formula on a+b=c and it's VERY hard for me to figure them out.

On another note I detest rushing. I refuse to do it to anyone, it's just not a fair move in my mind. I will actually yell at my partner not to do it if they try to.
I'm not a big real time strategy person despite my MBTI type, I'm actually pretty decent at them but I tend to find most of the games boring. Typically I play RPG games which have a lot of strategy and such in the game IF you choose to play the game that way.

People who use micro skill sets tend to win because they find the one best tatic in the game and use it, nothing wrong with that. I might be misinterpreting what you mean by micro though

imba = imbalanced I believe.
I love the total war series of games, the perfect blend of turn based and real time stategy!
Interesting theory. I have sometimes thought about what types gamers in this genre of games are :) dunno if I agree tho.
I play Dota which is an old warcraft 3 custom map thats still being updated ( in case anyone not knowing :D ) and here you only have to control one hero, and you have 4 teammates. Fits me very well.. as long as my teammates tell me what I should do :)