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This is why you're fat.


Shai Gar


"A peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon sandwich on potato bread, dipped in egg batter then fried in bacon fat, topped with butter and blueberry syrup."

It's like they're TRYING for a heart attack...


"Layers from bottom to top: pancake; cookie dough; pancake; peanut butter and jelly; pancake; chocolate and bananas; pancake; caramel, oreo, marshmallow, sprinkles, M&M
AHAHAHA that's great :D I kind of want to try some of that stuff just to see if it actually even tastes good
They look colorful/fun. Dishes out of who-ville.

:/ Oh a Serious note. That looks nasty... It would make me sick.


The fundamental difference.

I travel a lot :D I make it a point to try different types of food and be totally open minded, and just see what it's like; I actually don't eat that much, tho. I prefer eating smaller portions.
The funny thing is that I don't eat fried foods or meat, therefore practically everything on that site is not something I'd ever consider eating. It's like a compilation of what I have avoided for years.
Once upon a time I would have been all over that...

switching to organic foods and a decent looks so disgusting.
That's how I treat the people who eat this kinda shit.
That just makes me want to exercise.
There's like...maybe...2 or 3 things on that site that I would try, because they do not look disgusting. Whoever cooks this stuff, has no idea about the concept of presentation of a meal. Almost all of it looks like someone threw up meat and cheese onto a plate and smushed it back together into a "food shape" (which is probably why I want to throw up looking at some of this stuff).

However, the things that do look good (and not quite so terribly awful for you compared to other things) are probably made with poor ingredients. The donut fries, for example, look like they could be delicious, but would taste and be much better if they were made with decent ingredients and maybe baked instead of deep fried.

It all looks like stuff that would:

- Make you feel stuffed but provide no nutritional value.
- Leave you hungry again in an hour because of the above.
- Make you passout into a "food coma" while eating it.
- Make you have digestive problems for the next week. (I wonder how many have Irritable Bowl Syndrome from that food?)

(This is all not counting the gobs of plaque that would be smeared all over your arteries.)
oh man. oh man.
I was very overweight when I was a kid. I don't know how anyone puts up with it. You look and feel like crap all the time. I joined a dieting organization; I was their youngest member in that local group of it, at the time.
I'm acctually a sweet fanatic glutton in a skinny white girl body. But a lot of that stuff did look disgusting. I'm super picky and I don't eat meat (execpt fish) or drink soft drinks which is proably what saves me.

I would try:

Those looked cute
Oh! Those ice cream things actually look really good!

I had the dire misfortune of inheriting my mom's sweet tooth. It's rather inconvenient